Chan-hell 4? Australian news interrupted by strange Satan worshipping ceremony – VIDEO

Chan-hell 4? Australian news interrupted by strange Satan worshipping ceremony – VIDEO

ABC News cuts to strange Satanic ceremony clip by accident

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ABC Presenter Yvonne Yong was left awkwardly staring at the camera after a clip from a satan worshipping ceremony was aired in error following a news segment on police service animals. The clip, which sees three people on stage dressed in robes with an upside-down cross, was shown in error with many questioning the origin of the clip as there were no stories linked to the clip on ABC nor have the broadcaster commented on the matter. A man is seen for two seconds before shouting “hail Satan” before the camera cuts back to Ms Yong who could do nothing but continue as if nothing had happened.

Ms Yong revealed the news that the Australian Government are seeking to introduce prison sentences for those who harm police dogs or horses.

The decision was made as a response to a dog who was stabbed in the line of duty. 

But as a clip played out and as Ms Yong waited for her cue, a bizarre Satan ceremony was shown for little more than two seconds. 

In the clip, a room is lit up with red light with three people standing on a stage behind an altar. 

The altar is adorned with a pentagram with an upside-down red cross to the left of it. 

According to RT, the clip may be related to the story of the Noosa Temple of Satan, which is currently suing Queensland’s Education Department to have religious instruction classes taught in schools.

The clip has been viewed nearly 200,000 times on Twitter. 

The Noosa Temple of Satan is pushing to allow satanism to be taught in school following a proposed religious discrimination bill that will defend the religious views of individuals in the workplace even if they are bigotted. 

The Satanic Temple group is explored in Penny Lane's Hail Satan?

In protest, the Satanists held a “black mass” where they called upon the power of Satan to oppose the bill.

The clip appears to be related to the event where 23 people attended. 

The group aims to “provide students with information about the religion of Satanism, including belief in Satan as a supernatural being, the canons of conduct and the tenets” and “to help students analyse the information and critically evaluate the religion of Satanism”.

A statement on the group’s website reads: “We emphasize the virtues of free-thinking and rebellion against Christian authority.

“We revere Satan as a figure who symbolizes rebellion against tyrannical or arbitrary authority.”

Some have made comparisons to the “Max Headroom incident” in 1987 where US television was hijacked by an unknown group. 

The mystery was never resolved which saw a masked person making strange noises and singing during the 9 pm news.  

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