Claudia Winkleman shut down in disastrous S Club 7 interview

Claudia Winkleman shut down in disastrous S Club 7 interview

Claudia Winkleman asks S Club 7 about their finances

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Just days after turn of the century pop sensations S Club 7 announced a 25th-anniversary reunion tour, a disastrous interview clip has resurfaced. The group, comprised of Jo O’Meara, Bradley McIntosh, Hannah Spearritt, Jon Lee, Rachel Stevens, Tina Barrett and Paul Cattermole, appeared on BBC Three’s Liquid News in 2003 for a farewell interview after announcing their initial split. They were interviewed by Claudia Winkleman whose line of questioning caused their publicist to gate-crash the interview and cut it short. 

The awkward exchange saw Winkleman question their reasons for breaking up before asking the group about manager Simon Fuller.  

Fuller, now 62, has enjoyed an extensive career in entertainment and was the mastermind behind the Spice Girls’ success and over the years he has managed an eclectic list of powerhouse artists including  Annie Lennox,  Amy Winehouse, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson and many more. 

Referring to press reports at the time, Winkleman said: “Mr Simon Fuller has 90 million in the bank. 

“There are rumours that you guys are grumpy because you guys haven’t made a mint…” 

O’Meara acknowledged: “I think we are all really, really lucky to be where we are today at our age and have the bank balances that we do have.” 

However, the group’s publicist took umbrage at the turn the interview had taken and stormed into the studio. 

“Can you not ask this question, please… I’m not having it,” she asserted. “I’ve tried to stop this and I’ve had to walk in here … we are going.” 

Claudia later defended her line of questioning, saying: “You interview all sorts of people, and you are sometimes told actually do you know what, don’t ask this… but they seemed fine.” 

The group have enjoyed varying fortunes since their first flush of success.  

Mum of one O’Meara revealed on Lorraine last June that she struggled with a gambling addiction while in the band and she declared bankruptcy in May 2014.  

Despite this, she is now said to be worth over £6 million. 

Also declaring bankruptcy in 2014 was Cattermole and by 2018, he was so desperate for cash he even tried to flog his Brit Awards on eBay.  

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Opening up about his serious money troubles on Loose Women in 2018 he said he didn’t even have enough money to pay for a shirt for the interview. 

Meanwhile, Spearitt recently made headlines after revealing she and her partner and their two daughters were left homeless over Christmas. 

Reflecting on her change in fortune, she admitted: “People think we must all be millionaires but sadly it’s just not true.” 

Announcing their reunion tour this week the band said: “We’re so excited to bring the S Club Party back to our fans across the country to celebrate 25 years of S Club 7.  

“We can’t even believe it’s been so long! 

‘Music and friendship have always been at the core of everything that we’ve ever done.  

“We hope everyone can join us for one big party!” 

Tickets for S Club 7’s 25th-anniversary tour are available now on Ticketmaster.

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