'Claws' Boy, Bye: New Relationships and Friendships Formed

'Claws' Boy, Bye: New Relationships and Friendships Formed

Desna has new found power after she exposed the Lovestones and “Trip,” the Governor’s secret dealings. She also bought a new place, although she is lonely at the house after Dean refused to move in and Roller ghosted her. However, in “Boy, Bye,” she found out who took Roller and embarked on a mission to get him back. Will this journey make Desna realize she loves Roller, and what other new relationships form? Keep reading to find out!

Desna and Roller back together?

Mac and Melba Lovestone kidnapped Roller, tied him to a chair, and roughed him up. Then, Melba live streamed to Desna’s office and showed herself with a bloodied Roller. She told Desna to come alone if she wants Roller back. Desna immediately explained the situation to Uncle Daddy, Bryce, Jenn, and Ann, and they convinced her to let them help her. When they arrive at the tent in the middle of the woods, they hear Roller’s voice, only to find out it is coming out of a speaker in the ground. Melba called Desna and told her she knows Desna’s with her friends, so if she doesn’t come alone to the cabin, the Lovestones will kill Roller.

The next day, while Desna is in the salon, a package is delivered to her containing Roller’s toe. Also inside the box is a note telling her to drive on an interstate alone, and then wait for a call with more directions. Desna decided to listen to the Lovestones and drove to the interstate alone, and then Melba called her with directions to the cabin and instructed her to throw her phone out of the window.

She obliged and made it to the house, where Melba greeted her and danced with her. Finally, Mac brought Roller out with a gun to his head. They gave Desna a paper to sign that will make the Lovestones sole owners of the casino. Desna signed it, Melba then tazed her, and Roller and Desna woke up tied to a bed. They ended up escaping the house, only to find out the Lovestones also took Desna’s car.

While walking back towards the interstate through the woods, they argued the entire time. Roller eventually collapsed from the loss of blood in his toe, and Desna continued on the highway to get help. A van pulled up next to her, and it was Ann, Polly, and Uncle Daddy. While Desna nursed Roller’s wounds on her couch, she told him she did love him, and he said he felt the same way.

Dean and Mac?

Mac taught Dean how to play Mahjong, and they ended up bonding over shared experiences. For example, Mac and Dean both don’t have their fathers in their lives, and they were bullied as children. Mac then offered to train Dean for a Mahjong tournament coming up. After Dean won at the tables all day, he took Mac up on his offer. Dean admitted Desna didn’t want him around Mac. However, Mac said it would be their little secret.

EJ and Virginia?

On the last episode, EJ, Jenn’s first baby daddy, bumped into Virginia at the Shrimp Shack and they instantly had a connection. She literally bumped into him again on the sidewalk, while she was trying to call Dean. EJ invited her out a couple of times, both to which Virginia gave excuses for, and none of them included she has a fiance.

However, he took her phone, put his number in, and then called himself so he would have her number. Virginia then rolled away but had a lowkey smile on her face. When Dean ignored Virginia to play at the casino all day, she went to a bar where EJ is singing. He spots her and then sings a song dedicated to her.

Are Polly and Joe an item?

While Joe is teaching Polly about the casino financials, they end up making out. Then, they went to a clothing store dressed like fancy detectives and forced the owner to pay them a few thousand dollars a month. They bonded over the crime they committed together and made out again. However, Desna’s phone call interrupted them, and she told Polly to stay on Joe because the Lovestones kidnapped Roller.

The two question the other’s intentions and believe their bosses put them on to each other. Joe ended up going to the Lovestones office after they left Roller and Desna in the cabin to die, and talked about the situation as if he already knew what they did. He told Polly the location of the cabin, and that is how they found Desna walking along the interstate. Joe then explained to Polly that no one could know he spilled the beans, and they ended up making out again.

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