‘Claws’ Welcome to Pleasuredome: Desna and the Girls Find Leverage on the Owners

‘Claws’ Welcome to Pleasuredome: Desna and the Girls Find Leverage on the Owners

In Claws, Welcome to Pleasuredome, Bryce convinced Jennifer that Brienne should see her father, E.J. Also, back at the clinic, Bryce, Uncle Daddy, and Toby finally get the first customer for their rehab organization, and it’s Brenda, Jennifer’s mom. The girls also figured out the Lovestones’ secret with the governor, and Desna bought a new place. How did the girls find leverage?

Girls attend unique masquerade party in Welcome to Pleasuredome

While in Joe Dupree’s office, Polly answered the phone and pretended to be Joe. The person confirmed the Lovestones’ car delivery at a fundraiser for the governor. Polly received the address and told Desna, who immediately wanted to crash the party and get leverage on the owners.

It turned out to be a bizarre sex-themed masquerade party hosted by the Lovestones. Ann met a French man who she started a conversation with because she knew he had information. She also ended up sleeping with him, however, thought of her cop on-and-off girlfriend, Arlene the entire time.

The party provided champagne laced with the drug Molly, and after drinking an entire glass, Polly told Joe that he put Penelope’s dead body in their salon. Before Joe could adequately react, Virginia gets thrown out of the party, alongside a talking pig.

While the other girls are making friends, Desna snuck into the governor’s room by pretending to be the woman from Gold Touch Development. Through tazing Trip, all over his body, Desna found out that the governor is getting paid off to build private prisons. The deal is worth millions, and it’s the leverage she needs.

Desna moves into the Lovestones’ office and a new house in Welcome to Pleasuredome

The next day, bright and early, Desna moved into the Lovestones’ office and was sitting there when they arrived. She told them she knows all about their illicit dealings with the governor. Therefore, she wants them to be silent partners while she runs the casino.

Desna also explained that if they do not do what she says, she’s going to tell everyone everything, including the parties they throw. Mac admitted they underestimated Desna and seemed to comply with her rules.

Even though it is slightly above her budget, Desna bought a penthouse on the beach. She invited Dean and Virginia to move in; however, Dean said he’s his own man. Dean brought up Mac Lovestone and how he wants to be friends with him.

Desna warned him again that Mac is not a good man and Dean needs to stay away from him. But Dean called her out, saying she remains around him for the money. Therefore, Dean decided that he wants a friend, so he will continue living in the motel with Virginia, and begin a friendship with Mac.

Roller continues to try to get back with Desna in Welcome to Pleasuredome

Roller has been trying to rekindle things with Desna for all of Season 2 so far. After Desna and Roller killed Clint, they hooked up, and Roller didn’t want to be “friends with benefits” anymore. However, Desna told Roller she needed to focus on herself.

At the beginning of Welcome to Pleasuredome, he came to the casino to ask Polly for advice on getting back with Desna. She said he should fix his “playas ball” theme and dress better and gave him walking lessons. Polly also fitted Roller in a nice tux and taught him how to eat dinner with a lady properly.

While on his way to dinner with Desna, a beautiful girl asked him to help with her car. Roller complied, and when he bent over to check under the hood, masked men grabbed him from behind, covered his face with a towel, and threw him into a van.

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