Colin blames Laurel for losing Marshall as he reveals his plot in Emmerdale

Colin blames Laurel for losing Marshall as he reveals his plot in Emmerdale

Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) found herself in a terrifying situation in Tuesday (August 8)’s Emmerdale – held prisoner by an unhinged Colin Hamston (Mark Noble) who was determined to blame her for everything that had gone wrong in his life.

Laurel had gone to Colin’s house to get Marshall (Max Fletcher)’s passport. Marshall had called Arthur (Alfie Clarke) and asked him for help in getting the passport because he wanted to go on holiday. Laurel was on her way to the airport where she was due on a flight to India to join Jai (Chris Bisson) at Rishi (Bhasker Patel)’s funeral, but she agreed to call in and get the passport and post it at the airport.

When she got to Colin’s house there was no answer but the door was open. Heading inside she saw that the place was in disarray. Suddenly Colin appeared behind her and slammed the door shut.

Last time we saw Colin he was humiliated when he launched a tirade at the opening of the bus shelter. Following that he’d lost his job and obviously had been in a downward spiral ever since.

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To begin with, Laurel was able to handle the situation. She suggested making a cup of tea and sitting down for a chat and Colin agreed. He seemed quite reasonable as he talked about how he was sorry for what he’d done to Marshall.

Laurel talked to him sympathetically about his wife, who’d died when Marshall was only nine years old. Colin has strong religious beliefs and he said that his wife had believed that ‘if we follow God’s path we’ll be together again.’ Colin promised he would ‘bring Marshall to her.’

This was where the atmosphere began to change, as Colin despaired that, in losing Marshall, he’d let his wife down. He didn’t mean that he’d lost his son due to his own awful behaviour, which included physical and emotional abuse mainly based on Marshall being gay. Colin’s homophobia was the reason his son rejected him and went to live first with Laurel and Jai and then with his aunt.

In Colin’s mind he’d ‘lost’ Marshall from the righteous path that would have led him to his mum in heaven. ‘Marshall’s faith wasn’t strong enough and the devil found a way in,’ he insisted. ‘It happened to your son as well.’

Laurel wasn’t going to sit and listen to Colin attacking Arthur or Marshall so she decided to get the passport and leave. Colin told her she was ‘steeped in denial.’

As she hunted in Marshall’s room for the passport, Colin appeared and begged her to get Marshall to come and talk to him. He said everything had been fine until her ‘perverted little son’ had come into their lives and he blamed her family for everything that had gone wrong.

Seriously scared now, Laurel said if Colin didn’t get out of her way she’d call the police – but he had her phone. Telling her that she’s not going anywhere until she brings Marshall back to him, he left the room and put a padlock on the door.

With Laurel supposed to be on her way to India, it could be many hours before anybody notices she’s missing. How much danger is she in?

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