Coronation Street fans work out dark future for Hope Stape

Coronation Street fans work out dark future for Hope Stape

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Coronation Street youngster Hope (played by Isabelle Flanagan) has been shielded away from the past of her murderous father John Stape (Graeme Hawley). Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine) and Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) tried their best to keep the book from being published, but once it was in stores, Tyrone decided to buy them all. However, in tonight’s episode, Hope sold the books Tyrone hid to her classmates in school and left fans worried for her safety.

In tonight’s episode, Hope surprised Fiz and Tyrone by being ready for school by 8:30 in the morning, eager to start her day.

Later, as Tyrone went to retrieve the books from their outhouse, he realised they had already been taken.

At school, Hope was holding the book in front of her friends and said: “They call him an evil genius, you don’t get away with offing as many people as my dad did, without having brains.”

Her classmate asked: “But he didn’t get away with it?” before Hope stepped in: “He died, police never caught him. He never went to prison, not for that anyway.”

The classmate continued to ask: “So is it true that he used to teach here?”

Proud, Hope admitted: “Yeah, sometimes when I am in the English department I feel like he is still there, guiding me, looking over my shoulder.”

The classmate thought he would try and make a joke: “Can’t have been a very good teacher, you only got a 3:3 last essay.”

However, Hope clapped back: “He was a brilliant teacher, it was all he ever wanted to do and he was willing to kill for it.

“Maybe I will ask him to teach you a lesson next time we have got English.”

Elsewhere, Fiz walked into the pub and questioned Tyrone about the text he had sent her thanking her for taking the books.

Tyrone said: “Oh I was just saying thanks, you have saved me a trip to the tip, what is weird about that?”

Concerned, Fiz explained: “Nothing except I haven’t been anywhere near them?

Meanwhile, at school, Hope was conducting her own signing of the book, to which her Classmate revealed: “To Shiela.

“She loves this kind of stuff! She has got a whole shelf devoted to serial killers at her bungalow.”

Hope continued: “Bet she hasn’t got one signed by a family member though! Right, that’ll be a fiver.”

Her classmate was shocked at the price, but she explained: “These are going for £16 in the shops, with my autograph you will get £50 online easy!”

Finished school and hiding the money she made, Fiz asked: “We want to talk to you about the books.”

Tyrone added: “About your dad. There was a pile of them in the outhouse, I bought loads of them because I didn’t want people around here getting a copy.

“I was daft, I wasn’t thinking straight at the time.”

When asked if she knew what had happened to them, Hope admitted: “I needed some oil for my bike chain.

“I was in shock, I am ok now, but when I first saw them, his face was everywhere. I just had to get rid.

“I stuck them in a bin liner and lobbed them into a bin down the street. I just didn’t want to think about it, put it out of my head, something like that could have been dead triggering, can we not talk about it please?”

Fiz apologised for keeping the books where she could find them, but as she hugged her daughter she gave a menacing smile.

Viewers of the show grew concerned about the youngster’s behaviour and took to Twitter to voice their worries.

Jan Wilkins commented: “Can they please hurry up and realise Hope is a psychopath and get her sent somewhere, give us all a rest!! #Corrie.”

@ruth_clark added:”#corrie Hope is a seriously messed up child.”

@sarahstoney1984 agreed: “They have made hope a very fucked up little girl #corrie.”

However, @SkyBlueStacey praised: “Love Hope Stape! Amazing character @itvcorrie #Corrie like father like daughter!”

@dav_ram noted: “Good old Hope. The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. #Corrie”

However, some viewers thought Hope had inherited another family member’s traits, with @scrivo35 claiming: “After watching Classic Corrie I truly believe that Hope is taking after her Mum not her Dad #Corrie.” (sic)

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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