Coronation Street spoilers: Audrey Roberts in horrifying car accident over failing eyesight

Coronation Street spoilers: Audrey Roberts in horrifying car accident over failing eyesight

AUDREY Roberts will have the cobbles residents in a panic after she suffers a horrifying car accident due to her failing eyesight.

The elderly Coronation Street resident will have her friends and family concerned after having a second accident just months after she reversed into Rita's car.

In an episode yet to air, Audrey will be caught up in a horrifying accident that will see her badly injured and needing specialist attention.

Gail Platt's mum is seen meeting with other Coronation Street residents wearing a huge neck brace having suffered injuries in the smash.

The elderly resident – who is played by iconic soap actress Sue Nicholls – has continued to deny her terrible eyesight is becoming a problem.

But will she finally cave and go for a test following the horror smash?

In September, Audrey was involved in another crash when she smashed into newsagent Rita Tanner's car after a furious row.

Audrey was left reeling when a tell-tale note, written by the late Norris Cole and read out at his funeral exposed Rita's secret trips to Audrey's rival Claudia to get her hair coloured.

Angry about the betrayal, she was seen storming out of the hairdressers before getting behind the wheel of her car and rushing to get away.

Yet as she fired up the motor she heard a loud crunch, as Gail came out to reveal she had accidentally reversed into Rita's vehicle.

Once again, she point blank refused when her family and friends suggested she should go for an eye test, branding them "ageist."

She told Gail in no uncertain terms she would not be "bullied" into having a check up – and find out if something more sinister was at play.

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