Coronation Street spoilers: Gemma Winter plans to be famous as she contacts the press about expecting quads

Coronation Street spoilers: Gemma Winter plans to be famous as she contacts the press about expecting quads

GEMMA Winter will see pound signs in her eyes in Coronation Street tonight when someone makes an interesting suggestion about her extraordinary pregnancy.

The Rovers barmaid – along with baby daddy Chesney Brown – will head off to her 12-week scan tonight to see how their quadruplet babies are doing.

While they’re waiting, a lady who’s waiting with them realises that they are expecting four babies.

When she makes the suggestion that they make some money to help bring up the little ones by selling their story to the press – Gemma, played by Dolly-Rose Campbell, 32, is more than intrigued.

But for every bit of Gemma that is into the idea, Chesney, who is played by Sam Aston, 26, is every bit horrified. So what will Gemma do?

Later this week the barmaid will make a call to gossip mag Hola! and arrange a meeting with one of their reporters –  fame and cash all blinding her to Ches’ feelings.

And when he finds out what she’s done behind his back, a contrite Gemma is forced to apologise and promise she’ll never make such a huge decision about their children alone again.

But does she mean that?

When it was first revealed by The Sun that Gemma and Chesney would parent quads, a source spilled that Gemma would be blinded by the money.

The insider said: “The show’s new boss, Iain MacLeod, is keen to inject a bit of old-fashioned humour into Coronation Street like in the years gone by and this storyline will have viewers in stitches.

“Gemma doesn’t miss a trick and instantly thinks of ways she can make some dosh out of her and Chesney’s unexpected news.”

The couple are really being put through the mill at the moment after being advised to abort one of the babies to give the others a better chance of survival.

Both Gemma and Ches decided that they wanted to give all four babies an equal shot at life and they’re relieved at the scan when they’re told the quads are all looking fine.

Corrie bosses also revealed that the babies’ birth would be a high drama affair with Gemma set to go into labour while she’s 80ft in the air in a cable car.

Because that’s obviously the place to be when you’re heavily pregnant with quads…

The nail-biting scenes for the ITV soap will be filmed this summer and are expected to be screened in December of this year.

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