Coronation Street spoilers: Yasmeen devastated as she's told missing Elaine can't help her at her trial

YASMEEN Nazir is gutted when Alya tells her that Elaine is missing and won’t be able to help her at her trial next week in Coronation Street. 

Fans of the ITV soap are convinced Geoff has murdered Elaine after Alya reported her missing earlier this month.

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Elaine’s disappearance came after a furious showdown between her and Geoff in an alleyway.

Geoff sneered at his ex: "Long time no see, Philippa", as she stood frozen to the spot.

The brute then ordered his ex-wife to leave the cobbles, before creeping his way towards her.

The next time viewers saw Geoff on screen, he was holding Elaine's phone and destroying her SIM card before tossing it down a nearby alley drain.

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Yasmeen troubled to hear from Alya that Elaine has gone missing.

Yasmeen’s horrified as it dawns on her that Elaine won’t be able to testify at her trial.

Later, Alya confronts Geoff in front of Faye, who then tells Geoff that he might be better selling his share of Speed Daal to Alya. 

Has Faye turned against Geoff now too?

Corrie viewers will remember that Faye – who’s been supportive of her grandad ever since Yasmeen was arrested – witnessed Geoff’s furious showdown with Elaine in the ginnel.

But when she asked Geoff about the incident, he pretended it was just a random woman.

Will Faye team up with Alya and get Elaine back on the cobbles in time for Yasmeen’s trial?

Or could Yasmeen be looking at a hefty prison sentence?

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