Coronation Street viewers shocked after 'psycho' David tries to kill murderer Clayton's pal – but is interrupted just in time

Coronation Street viewers shocked after 'psycho' David tries to kill murderer Clayton's pal – but is interrupted just in time

CORONATION Street viewers were left shocked after David Platt went to the dark side and tried to literally squeeze the life out of murderer Clayton's pal Macca on tonight's episode.

The grief-stricken man went to visit the yob in hospital – but it wasn't to give him a bunch of flowers.

Staring down at him with a dead stare, David simply murmured: "Say hello to Callum for me."

Kylie had whacked Callum Logan over the head and killed him after he tried to hurt Sarah last year.

David then brought his hands down and wrapped them around his throat, gritting his teeth as an unconscious Macca kicked his feet.

A nurse, however, entered and stopped him in his tracks and said that she didn't know he was still there as David pretended to plump up his pillows.

He leant down as he grabbed his jacket and said ominously: "I'll see you soon."

Later, he admits to his brother Nick what he was planning to do and told him: "I was watching him, waiting for him to die."

But Nick had little sympathy and told him that he had to stop what he was doing and that he had Lilly and Max to look after.


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This doesn't seem to deter David, who is seen at the end of the episode looking at a Google Maps Street view version of the prison.

Corrie viewers took to Twitter to express their shock at the violent opening of the episode.

One fan tweeted: "Well the start of the second part of #Corrie just made me catch my breath!!"

Another commented: "It's been a long time since we've seen that level of evil behind David's eyes."





A viewer wrote: "Poor David is a ticking time bomb – miss Kylie so much in the show!"

One tweeted: "David is in a right bloody mess!!"

And while some viewers were upset about the return of "evil" David, others were overjoyed.

A fan tweeted: "Love it when David Platt goes all psycho."

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