Coronation Streets Peter Barlow causes outrage amongst viewers: When was it legal?

Coronation Streets Peter Barlow causes outrage amongst viewers: When was it legal?

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Peter (played by Chris Gascoyne) has made several appearances on Coronation Street over the past few weeks as the character seems to have recovered from having a liver transplant last year following a relapse into alcoholism. During his time on the ITV soap, the beloved Weatherfield resident has often been seen enjoying a crafty cigarette here and there. But most recently, he has been seen using a vaping device which have become more popular amongst the British public for those who want to use an alternative method to smoking. However, his use of a vape in Wednesday night’s episode of the show left viewers scratching their heads.

The scene in question came as the character was standing enjoying an orange juice in the Rovers Return pub and reading a newspaper.

Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor) walked in after a busy shopping trip and wanted to know where her husband Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) was.

After figuring out her spouse was lying to her, the iconic character needed answers and she wasn’t going to get them from Peter.

However, it wasn’t the topic of the conversation which distracted viewers as they noticed the alcoholic was vaping indoors.

Taking to social media, they commented on this moment and questioned whether it is legal after smoking with a cigarette was made illegal in public establishments in 2006.

One viewer named June wrote on Facebook: “Why was he vaping indoors and when in hospital scenes do they not put masks on.”

Sheila added: “I was shocked to see Peter vaping. They seem to wear masks into the hospital and take them off. I have to say that I have difficulty understanding what they are saying when they wear masks.”

Victoria posted: “Didn’t think you were allowed to vape in a pub?” whilst another fan called Julie remarked: “How is he allowed [to] vape in a non-smoking pub.”

Over on Twitter, RCantaldo commented: “@itvcorrie since when did you think it was legal to vape in a pub?! #Corrie.”

“How come Barlow is allowed to vape in the boozer? I’d get a right b********g if I did that in my local #Corrie,” p123_swoon shared.

Why was he vaping indoors?

Coronation Street viewer

According to UK law, there are no restrictions in place to prevent someone from using a vape inside or outside of a pub.

However, each establishment can have its own policy on vaping and a customer must ask whether they are allowed to use their vape.

In 2013, JD Wetherspoon pub chain enforced a ban on vapes in all of their premises’ as they deemed it an intrusion on workers trying to do their job.

Although second-hand vaping has not shown any harmful effects, some people still find it uncommon to be within the vicinity of the vape fumes.

Therefore, more often than not, many people are asked to go outside into the pub smoking area if they want to use their vape.

In real life, the actor who plays Peter, Chris, pledged in 2014 he wanted to give up smoking and use alternative means to curb his habit.

Whilst starring in a pantomime of Jack and the Beanstalk at the Birmingham Hippodrome as the villain Fleshcreep in 2014, he spoke about his character smoking.

The soap star said: “I’m going to try to stop smoking as soon as panto rehearsals start. I’m going to buy one of those electronic cigarettes to help me.

“It will help that I’m not playing Peter [Barlow], who smokes, although I don’t smoke as much as people think on screen.

“He’s usually holding a cigarette or tapping it on the packet,” the actor remarked.

“They gave us these herbal cigarettes which smell horrible, it’s like ingesting a bonfire,” he told the Birmingham Mail.

Peter is going to be fundamental to the drama unravelling on the cobbles over the next few months as his son, Simon Barlow (Alex Bain) has to face his past.

After finally getting over the ordeal drug lord Harvey Gaskell (Will Mellor) put him through, the youngster comes face to face with his former friend, Jacob Hayes (Jack Ryan).

The latter was the person who groomed Simon to start dealing drugs and made his life a misery, whilst Peter was battling his demons.

Now in a better state of mind, Peter will be looking to support his son, rather than continue to be an absent father.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.

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