Corrie fans baffled as Ed buys camper van for £1,000 after stealing from savings

Coronation Street fans have been left seriously confused by the pricing of a camper van during Wednesday night's episodes.

In the double bill, Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges) seemingly went missing, and also took £1,000 from the savings account he shares with wife Aggie (Lorna Laidlaw).

Before long he returned home and revealed to his family that he'd bought a camper van – but viewers found the storyline a little unbelievable, mainly because claimed the vehicle would have cost way more.

Taking to Twitter with their reaction, one said: "Can someone please tell me on what planet you can buy a VW camper van like that for a grand? That wouldn't even buy you a shell of one."

Another tweeted: "No way would you get that camper for a grand."

A third added: "You wouldn't get any change out of 10 grand for that!"

Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell) was on a video call to his mum Aggie when Ed returned home, and they were desperate to find out what he'd been up to.

Aggie quizzed him on taking the money, and he said he "wouldn't do that" to her.

He took them outside – including Aggie who was still on the call – to surprise them.

"I was going to drive it down to you tonight," he told his wife.

"We always talked about it, the open road, no kids to babysit, no worries beyond where we're camping next."

Aggie replied: "We did, yeah, but I was expecting something bigger!"

Their son James (Nathan Graham) quickly butted in: "I think she means something blingier…"

And while it might not have been very fancy, it seems Ed's worrying vanishing act was forgiven.

The family have been through it this week, as Michael got the results of his recent DNA test.

He learned that Ed really was his dad, however Ed was left struggling with the whole situation.

Coronation Street continues Friday at 7.30pm on ITV

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