Countdown atmosphere pretty uncomfortable between Rachel Riley and Anne Robinson

Countdown atmosphere pretty uncomfortable between Rachel Riley and Anne Robinson

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Earlier this year Anne Robinson became the first-ever female host on Channel 4’s Countdown. The 77-year-old replaced Nick Hewer, also 77, following his 10-year stint in the main seat. However, it has been reported that sources on set feel an “awkward and uncomfortable atmosphere” between Anne and her Countdown co-stars Rachel Riley and Susie Dent. 

The former Weakest Link host started presenting Countdown this summer. 

The popular daytime show is filmed at Media City studios in Salford and staff have been claiming there is “a lot of tension” off-camera. 

Sources have made allegations that the rising tension is a result of Anne’s “rather grand ways”. 

Lexicographer Susie has reportedly backed friend and co-star Rachel, with their tension being regarded as a “young versus old” divide. 

“The tension between Rachel and Anne is being openly discussed,” the source told The Mail on Sunday.

“It is very much Rachel and Susie against Anne – a case of two camps.”

They said lots of crew members have been discussing what has been going on backstage. 

“Rachel and Susie don’t care much for Anne and her rather grand ways and things have become pretty uncomfortable,” they continued. 

“Anne likes to do things her way, while Rachel doesn’t go along with how she operates. 

“This has now led to little social interaction between them away from the cameras.”

Anne is perhaps best known for being the sharp-tongued host of The Weakest Link between 2000 and 2012. 

She has been called “the Queen of Mean” in the past for her no-nonsense approach to presenting. 

Earlier this summer, the outspoken host said she would not be able to say many of the things today that she previously said when hosting The Weakest Link.

When asked who would be a good host for the discontinued programme today, Ms Robinson replied: “Well, I’m not in charge of light entertainment at the BBC, but I’d probably suggest somebody completely different, with a different approach.

“I also think it’s worth mentioning that I finished in 2011, and woke has happened since then.

“I imagine there are a great many things that I said that you couldn’t say now, and maybe that’s one of the reasons that you’d need a host with an entirely different approach.”

One star who has backed Anne’s Countdown hosting is Gyles Brandreth who recently told The Express he believes “change is a good thing”. 

Gyles, who has been a guest on the show since its early days, said she was going a good job as the show’s presenter. 

He added: “I have loved all the presenters on Countdown, obviously my first favourite was Richard Whitely.”

Countdown airs every weekday at 2.10pm on Channel 4. 

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