David Hasselhoff To Star In Comedy Cest Magique! For New Outfit South Pointe Pictures, Nicolas Benamou Directing Cannes Market

EXCLUSIVE: David Hasselhoff (Baywatch) is set to star in English-language comedy C’est Magique (It’s Magic!), which is being launched as the debut film for new production company South Pointe Pictures during the Cannes film festival and market.

Hasselhoff will star in the movie with South Pointe’s Larry Cech. French filmmaker Nicolas Benamou, director of French box office hits Babysitting and Babysitting II, is set to direct. Benamou’s latest film, Do You, Do You Saint Tropez, with Benoit Poelvoorde and Christian Clavier, is due to release this month.

C’est Magique will tell the story of two French magicians who accidentally qualify to compete in the world’s largest magic competition in Las Vegas. The film is based on actual events about Cech’s time in Las Vegas working on large magic shows. The story was written by Benamou – making his English-language debut – and Cech.

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