Denise van Outen admits she’d marry again as she opens up on boyfriend Jimmy’s relationship with her daughter | The Sun

Denise van Outen admits she’d marry again as she opens up on boyfriend Jimmy’s relationship with her daughter | The Sun

DENISE van Outen won’t rule out marrying again, amid romance with boyfriend Jimmy Barba.

The stunning TV star, 48, and partner Jimmy hit it off and went public in June 2022 at the 12th annual Grand Prix Ball in London, after keeping their relationship secret for several months.

And their relationship has blossomed over the months, with the pair’s families having met, a close bond between their daughters being formed, and even spending their first Christmas together.

Now, in an exclusive chat with The Sun, presenter Denise said she’d “marry again.”

She shared: “For me, it’s a bit too early for anything like that you know. But I’d never rule out marrying again and I’ve always said that, if it feels right, but things are really heading in the right direction so we’ll wait and see.”

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The loved-up pair are planning a trip with their respective daughters this year as a family.

It comes after Denise and Jimmy headed off to Dubai in December with her adorable 12-year-old daughter Betsy, but Jimmy’s daughter remained home with her mum.

Opening up on the trip, Denise said the last-minute booking was “so nice” and saw her Italian boyfriend bond even more with her daughter, who she shares with ex-husband Lee Mead.

“It was a short break so it was just right and it was the first holiday we’d had where Besty and Jimmy had been away,” Denise continued.

Adding: “It was really nice and fun and Betsy and Jimmy get on so well. They went snorkelling and he’s really, really good with her.”

And Denise seems over the moon to have found such a strong bond, after a series of bad dates in the past.

Denise has teamed up with Breakdown provider Britannia Rescue to help Brits in need of rescue from boring dates using a very clever new service, after having been left in awkward dating scenarios herself.

The new Dateside Rescue Hotline has been set up to provide those on a dull date with the perfect excuse to make a swift exit, as Valentine’s Day approaches.

Denise explained: “They’ve got this service where you just need to text that number and within ten minutes you’ll get an excuse by text, to get you out of your date. It’s just genius.

“I’ve had that situation on many occasions where you’ll tell a friend to be on standby and they then let you down and you’re stuck on a boring date. So I think it’s brilliant.”

Denise shared a couple of dating horror stories, including leaving the restaurant before even meeting her date when her friend set her up, as well as being stuck having dinner with a “very scruffy” man.

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The mum-of-one continued: “If a date isn’t going well, I’d 100% try and find an excuse to get out of it. Honestly, I’ve been in so many situations.

“I had another one where I told my friend Alfie ‘if this goes really badly I’ll give you the nod to get in touch with me.’

“So then I go on this dinner date with this guy and I’d made such an effort to get dressed up and I wanted to look and feel nice.

"I should’ve seen the red flags anyway because he asked me to book the restaurant and didn’t know where to go, so I thought ok I’ll book it but any sensible person would look and see what the restaurant is like and see what the dress code is.

“He turned up so scruffy. He came like he’d just been sat in front of the telly in a grandad cardigan and just so scruffy.”

Denise was already a well-known face on TV at this point, as she added: “He turned up scruffy and I just said ‘why did you not make any effort.’

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"But anyway my mate Alfie who had promised he’d get me out of it, I sent him a message and I waited and he didn’t get back to me. He said the next day that he fell asleep really early and so he couldn’t save me.”

The hotline will operate from the 1st – 13th February 2023 between the hours of 5pm-9pm, Thursday-Saturday. All you need to do is text or WhatsApp “I need a Dateside Rescue” to 07830794713. Messages must include the phrase “Dateside”. All texts will be charged at your standard network rate.

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