Des viewers shocked after Dennis Nilsen pleads not guilty to murders

Des viewers could not believe it after David Tennant’s character Dennis Nilsen pleaded not guilty to murdering six men.

The second episode of ITV drama Des ended on such a cliffhanger tonight after serial killer Nilsen made his first appearance in court.

And despite confessing to police that he had in fact, killed 15 men, police could only charge him with six of the murders due to lack of evidence.

In the last few minutes, we see Nilsen stand in court as the police officers watch on – and as the judge lists the names of his alleged victims we expect him to plead guilty to his crimes.

Although, much to the shock of viewers he pleaded not guilty – and to be honest we are just losing it.

Taking to Twitter one viewer said: ‘Totally gripped by Des its so bizarre.’

While another commented: ‘Whattttttt need to watch episode three.’

One added: ‘NOT GUILTY bloody hell.’

Nilsen was sentenced to life in prison on November 4 1983, after being found guilty for six counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder.

The killings were undetected until police were called to reports of human remains clogging the drains.

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