Designated Survivor: Is Michael J Fox in Designated Survivor season 3?

Designated Survivor: Is Michael J Fox in Designated Survivor season 3?

Designated Survivor saw Michael J. Fox take on the role of Ethan West, a high-flying attorney, in season two. When season three was brought back by Netflix, many fans hoped his character would be returning. Here’s everything you need to know about whether Michael J Fox is back in Designated Survivor season 3.

Is Michael J Fox in Designated Survivor season 3?

Michael J Fox first appeared in the last five episodes of the second series of Designated Survivor.

He played Ethan West in a five-episode arc, which saw him in the show right up until the season two finale.

West was a powerful Washington DC attorney who was brought in to serve as a special prosecutor to investigate Cornelius Moss (played by Geoff Pierson).

His appearance also marked a reunion between Fox and actor Kiefer Sunderland who first appeared together in the 1988 film Bright Lights, Big City.

When the third series of the drama was announced by Netflix, many fans were hopeful Michael J Fox would be returning to the show.


This was especially because his character West was instrumental in getting President Kirkman (Kiefer Sunderland) to decide to run for president again.

This re-election storyline formed the basis of season three of the political drama.

However, Fox didn’t appear in the third season of the show as West, much to the dismay of viewers.

Fans will know Fox from appearing in the iconic Back to the Future film trilogy as Marty McFly. 

On television, viewers will have also seen him as attorney Louis Canning in The Good Wife.


Fox first appeared in the show when Designated Survivor was on ABC before it was cancelled after the second series. 

Netflix picked up the third series of the show and saved it from permanent cancellation.

Designated Survivor series three had just ten episodes, which were all released on Netflix on Friday, June 7.

However, while West didn’t return for the third series, there were plenty of other returning cast members.

These included Kal Penn coming back as Press Secretary Seth Wright and Maggie Q as FBI agent Hannah Wells.


This was alongside the introduction of some new characters, including President Kirkman’s sister-in-law Sasha Booker.

Sasha is played in the show by American actress Jamie Clayton who has also appeared in Netflix’s Sense8.

The initial premise of the political drama was about how Tom Kirkman became the Designated Survivor while serving as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.  

After a terrorist attack killed everyone at the State of the Union address in series one, Kirkman found himself as the 46th President of the United States.  

Series three follows the story as Kirkman makes a bid to keep the power he was given in tragic circumstances when he seeks re-election. 

Designated Survivor season three is available to stream now on Netflix.

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