Disneyland’s Just-Opened Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Is Already Drawing Insane Crowds

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If you thought the lines at Disneyland were long before, just wait until you try to get into a galaxy far, far away.
Disneyland’s newest attraction, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, just opened to the public on Monday morning, and less than an hour later, it had to stop allowing new guests inside. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the park had anticipated a huge turnout from eager fans, and opened gates half an hour earlier than the normal Galaxy’s Edge opening time.
That didn’t matter, however, as THR says that the attraction quickly reached full capacity, and was soon closed to walk-ins. Disneyland does not disclose the number of guests it considers to be capacity, so it remains unclear how many people would need to leave “Galaxy’s Edge” for more to enter.
Guests can use the Disneyland app to secure a later entrance time in a virtual queue, though according to THR, that process is still a bit unclear. The app can also be used to determine wait times for the ride Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, though that lone ride was obviously insanely popular, too — so much so that its own wait times stretched to three hours (though eventually settled back down to a more manageable 40 minutes).
It’s no secret that “Star Wars” is a beloved franchise, and fan anticipation was bound to be high for opening day of this new land. While wait times are sure to remain quite long in the coming days/weeks/months, diehards will no doubt find that it’s well worth the wait.
[via: The Hollywood Reporter]

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