Duggar fans call out family for snubbing Jill's son Israel's 6th birthday as rebel daughter feuds with famous parents

COUNTING On fans slammed the Duggar family for apparently snubbing Jill's son Israel's 6th birthday.

Jill has been feuding with her famous parents for years, but followers believe the Duggars shouldn't take that out on her children.

Jill shared a beautiful pic of Israel and her younger son, Samuel, three captioned: "Happy happy birthday to our Israel man! He turns 6 today and is such a sweet boy! So far, he has already had his favorite cereal for breakfast, heard his birthday announced on the radio, opened presents and given orders on birthday cake specifics lol. *see my stories!*

"He has Taco Bell plans for later today and proudly wore his “birthday boy” ribbon to school! He is such a good big brother and we’ve seen him mature so much in the last year that it makes me wish time would just slow down a little!!

"He has consistently measured ahead of both @derickdillard & Uncle @justdand so we’ll see if he ends up taller than them when he’s full grown! (6’2” & 6’3”!!) We love you Israel and pray you love Jesus more and more every day!"

However, it appears Israel didn't get as much birthday love from the rest of Jill's family.

It seems only the mom's cousin, Amy, posted for the little one's birthday writing: "Happy Birthday Israel!"

The Duggar Snark Reddit account posted: "Anna is the ONLY family member to even acknowledge Israel’s birthday. Radio silence from her parents and sibs. Petty af."

Others commented: "I actually had to go see for myself. So incredibly sad. The Duggars are so concerned with their image and NONE of them can be bothered to wish their little nephew a happy birthday? Are there so many of them that they were literally disposable? Not very pro life of them."

Another said: "I know the bar is on the ground with these people, but I really hope for Israel’s sake boob and Meech reached out privately. It’s so s****y if they’re being petty with a 6-year-old"

Others sounded off on Instagram in support of Jill and Israel: "It does not go un noted that while your in laws have posted happy birthdays wishes to ALL of your family, they have not wished this sweet little boy a happy birthday."

Another commented: "Isn't that sad? Maybe, and I'm just guessing, because is a little controlling?

"You go Jill! You are wise beyond your years."

Jill and her family have become estranged from some of the Duggars since leaving Counting On in 2017.

The fundamentalist Christian and her husband left the show as they believed they were being held back from potential career ventures due to the restrictions they faced.

The couple has made efforts to be more modern as Christian parents, and they recently explained they would encourage any future daughters to be "independent."

Due to their disagreements over modesty, Jill and Derick also recently revealed that they haven't visited her parent's home in two years.

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