EastEnders fans crying as they fear Linda Carter derails without Mick

EastEnders fans crying as they fear Linda Carter derails without Mick

EastEnders: Shirley and Linda Carter fight in the Queen Vic

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During Tuesday’s instalment of the long-running BBC soap, Valentine’s Day was in full swing for the residents of Walford. However, despite the sense of love in the air, viewers saw Linda Carter (played by Kellie Bright) find it hard to cope with Mick (Danny Dyer) not being there as she was tempted to turn to alcohol to ease her pain.

During the Christmas special last year, viewers saw things come to a dramatic end for Mick after Janine’s (Charlie Brooks) lies were finally exposed.

Plunging her car into the English Channel with Linda in the passenger seat, Mick braved his fear of water and dived in after them.

As both women were trapped in the car, he managed to free Janine first as he went back in to get Linda, although unbeknownst to him she had managed to free herself.

With the show coming to a close, Mick was nowhere to be seen as people realised he’d died trying to save his love.

Two months on, the heartbreak of Mick’s death is ever present for Linda as viewers watched her struggle to manage on Valentine’s Day.

With the Queen Vic decorated in hearts for their event later on, Linda opened a card from her son Ollie (Harry Farr) with a hand-drawn photo of the three of them on the front.

Speaking to Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) on the bench outside, she showed her friend the card from Ollie as she confessed he made it as she wouldn’t be getting one from “daddy”.

She asked: “How do you keep going Sharon? How do you keep going without it eating you up?

“Everywhere I look, people are carrying on like normal, falling in love and being happy. I want to scream at them, you know? 

“I want to say how can you act like nothing’s happened when Mick’s not here? I want to drink so badly.”

As her friend feared Linda would return to alcohol, she quickly confessed she wouldn’t as Ollie had lost too much already.

However, in scenes that aired later on at the pub, viewers saw Linda nearly fall off the wagon as she was tempted to have a drink.

Spotting a glass, Linda went to grab it but Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker) stopped her before she broke her sobriety.

Looking around the room, Linda commented: “Mick would be loving this, I miss him.”

Patrick replied: “Look around, he’s here. He’d want you to live in the future, not dwell in the past.”

Watching Linda struggle throughout the episode left viewers highly emotional as some fear she’ll return to alcohol to cope with Mick’s loss.

SAMMlTCH3LL commented: “Linda has me absolutely bawling rn xx”

Realseanslater added: “Ollie’s card to Linda is making me sob.”

Elvunity said: “Linda’s first valentine’s without Mick, Linda wanting to drink alcohol again, I hate seeing Linda upset, it hurts me so much, but Patrick and Sharon being there for Linda. Tonight’s episode made me cry, I miss Mick so much.”

Rosskiernan_ tweeted: “Thank goodness for Patrick hopefully Linda doesn’t drink again #EastEnders”

KarenF040383 commented: “I’m so glad Patrick has Linda’s back she nearly started drinking again #Eastenders”

With RyanTheSoapking adding: “Linda feeling temptation.”

EastEnders airs on BBC One from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

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