EastEnders spoilers: Honey Mitchell asks Adam Bateman to marry her as he continues to cheat with Habiba Ahmed

POOR Honey Mitchell looks set to have her heart shattered in EastEnders as she plans to ask cheating boyfriend Adam Bateman to marry her next week.

Honey catches wedding fever as she and Adam plan to buy their flat from Jack Branning and Linda suggests wedding bells might be in the air.

The Minute Mart worker – who’s played by Emma Barton – is on could nine and starts talking to Walford’s resident Bridezilla, Whitney Dean, about weddings.

But unknown to Honey, Adam has seen Habiba Ahmed with the potential partner her grandmother Mariam has found for her.

Even though it’s not a match, Adam admits to Habiba that seeing her with another man made him crazy jealous and he agrees to end things with Honey.

Later, in the shop, Honey realises she’s lost the keys. Stacey Fowler suggests she looks at the CCTV footage, leading Honey to spring into action and seek out Adam for help, unaware he’s in bed with Habiba.

It’s ex-husband Billy Mitchell – Perri Fenwick – who saves the day in the end, but he’s left heartbroken when Honey reveals her plan to ask Adam to marry her.

But later, Honey gets a huge shock. What is it?

The mum-of-two has been dating dentist Adam since last year and the couple recently moved in together.

But Adam has been having his cake and eating it as he started a steamy affair with Habiba after she relentlessly pursued him.

Billy has seen Adam and Habiba kissing and warned Honey she was being cheated on, but Honey accused Billy of being jealous.

He’s even told Habiba’s grandparents – Mariam and Arshad – but no one can believe that clean cut Adam would do something so horrible.

It looks like Honey won’t be the only one shocked when the truth of the affair is revealed.

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