Emmerdale fans beg Paddy ‘please don’t’ as he suddenly snogs ex Chas after split

Emmerdale fans beg Paddy ‘please don’t’ as he suddenly snogs ex Chas after split

Emmerdale viewers were left raging at their TV screens on Wednesday (April 12) after watching Paddy and Chas kiss.

Chas stunned viewers recently when she embarked on an affair with Al and planned to leave to the village.

The affair hit Paddy hard and led to a decline in his mental health and he even attempted to take his own life.

But in the latest episode, the two appeared to put things aside and puckered up for a brief smooch.

At the start of the show, Chas and Paddy's young daughter Eve was missing having her dad around at home, and the pressure was getting to stressed Chas.

When the washing machine broke down she reached boiling point, which was diffused when Paddy walked in hoping to find some fishing equipment.

Paddy offered his support, and Chas explained how much Eve missed him. Chas was given a boost though when he suggested they spend time together as a family.

Later on, while Eve was asleep, Paddy was cooking dinner. He reminded Chas that she didn't have to cope on her own, before playfully instructing her to muck in with the cooking.

Chas then let slip that Eve wasn't the only one who needed Paddy, leading him to offer her a sweet hug.

But before they before knew it, they were kissing – only to be interrupted when Eve shouted out for her dad.

However the kiss didn’t go down too well with viewers of the long-running soap, who took to Twitter to share their thought.

“Oh Paddy,” mused one person, with another adding: “Please don’t get back with Chas Paddy!”

A third raged: “REALLY PADDY?!”

“Oh no don’t like this Paddy and Chas kiss. Don’t go there Paddy,” said someone else.

A fifth said: "Paddy just kissed Chas and I wish he'd just get some bloody self-respect. She's repeatedly cheated on him and told him he's just a safe option for her relationship-wise and he's still crawling back."

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