Emmerdale fans go wild as real life couple appear in rare scene together

Emmerdale fans go wild as real life couple appear in rare scene together

EMMERDALE is full of loved-up couples but one real-life couple amongst the cast never appear on screen together, per their request.

The characters Rhona Goskirk (played by Zoe Henry) and Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) rarely are seen in the same scene as the actors have been married since 2003.

Zoe and Jeff prefer not to appear in the same scene but fans were delighted and shocked to see them together on-screen during last night's episode of the ITV soap.

In the Emmerdale scene, it saw the characters sit down together to have a quick passing chat."

Viewers rushed to Twitter to share their opinions and delight over the rare sight.

One tweeted: "I bet Cain's dying to snog Rhona!"

A second wrote: "It's so weird seeing Jeff Hordley and Zoe Henry in a scene together."

"Cain and Rhona scene OMG," gushed another.

"Real husband and wife, sitting down side by side. How rare is this?" commented one happy fan.

"It seems off seeing Rhona and Cain sat together!" a fifth said.

Another speculated that perhaps the scene was done due to the coronavirus pandemic.

They pointed out: "Cain and Rhona scene so they didn't have to distance."

During the scene, it documented the characters discussing Moira's farm, and how Rhona will no longer be working there.

As well as being married in real-life, their characters share many mutual friends in the fictional village.

In a sweet nod to their romance, Rhona drunkenly admits that Cain is her village crush.

The couple previously revealed they don't share the same scenes due to childcare.

Jeff said: "We don't film at the same time so we can share the childcare.

"I don't think we'll ever have a storyline together – Cain and Rhona are too different.

"Cain thinks Rhona's a bit of a snobby cow, so for me and Zoe it works well."

Zoe said on the matter: "Let's be honest, Rhona and Cain would never interact.

"The only way they'd cross paths is if Cain bought a hamster and brought it into the vets, which is most unlikely.

"I can't imagine them having a conversation about anything."

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays, on ITV

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