Emmerdale fans’ horror as Noah Dingle sniffs around Gabby Thomas’ underwear

EMMERDALE fans are horrified after Will Taylor caught Noah Dingle sniffing around Gabby Thomas’ underwear.

The teenage spy was found fondling pregnant Gabby’s bra in the kitchen of Home Farm.

And unfortunately for him – he was caught red-handed by Will Taylor.

Noah made a habit of sniffing through things he shouldn’t as he later searched through Will’s tool box and found a box of diazepam.

They are the same drugs used to poison Kim Tate.

“What are you doing?” thundered Will as he caught Noah.

Lying he said: “I’ve got a bad back alright – one of the pitfalls of grafting for a living – you should try it sometime.”

But when Noah questioned him, Will revealed he had seen Noah snooping through Gabby’s underwear – and blackmailed him.

Will said: “Look, you keep your mouth shut about my tablets and I’ll keep my mouth shut about you scrabbling through Gabby’s underwear earlier. 

“You keep your mouth shut and stay out of my way or I’ll be telling everyone what a pervy sex pest you are.”

Viewers were shocked at Noah’s behaviour and took to Twitter to voice their outrage.

One wrote: "Noah is so f***ing nosy. He's definitely after some of Gabby’s soiled underwear."

A second said: "Noah's touching Gabby's bra… Perv."

Another added: "Put the bra down Noah!"

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