Emmerdale fans work out Marlon is Charitys true attacker in Cain cover-up

Emmerdale fans work out Marlon is Charitys true attacker in Cain cover-up

Eagle-eyed Emmerdale fans have had their magnifying glasses at the ready this week in an attempt to work out who truly burgled the Woolpack.

And they're certain it wasn't Cain Dingle.

The pub has been going through a poor period financially, and things went from bad to worse when the electric cables were severed and the pub plunged into darkness, forcing Chas to shut up shop.

And when Charity arrived at the venue later that day, she found the door had been busted in and all the alcohol smashed or stolen – and received a bang on the head for her troubles.

Though Charity did recover in hospital, she suffered an internal bleed on the brain, and woke to recognise her former flame Cain as her attacker, who admitted he had accidentally knocked her over in the fray.

But in a shock twist, fans are certain it was actually Marlon Dingle who carried out the robbery, and Cain was only covering for him, as Charity's knock to the head might mean she'd forgotten key elements of the attack.

Though Cain is known for his thuggish ways of getting the job done, he goes above and beyond for his family in the Dales, so it certainly seems plausible.

And Marlon has already had one prison ordeal recently after he was accused of murdering Graham Foster.

Cain visited him in prison and saw him battling depression while in there, so it makes sense he would want to protect Marlon from suffering the same fate again.

And Marlon currently has stakes in the pub, so an insurance claim certainly wouldn't go amiss when trying to reach financial security for his family.

One puzzled fan posted on Facebook: "Was that Marlon breaking into the pub?"

Though someone quickly corrected them and explained that it was Cain, another fan posted: "Looked too tall for Cain!"

"I was going by body shape," another agreed, as someone else chimed in: "I thought it looked like Marlon!"

And another eagle-eyed viewer said: "Thought Marlon’s reaction after he was told about the break-in was a bit strange. Didn’t even get up and see for himself. I think I would have done!"

Cain admitted to Charity and Chas that he had conducted the break-in so that his sister Chas could forge some fake receipts – but things were thrown into chaos when Chas admitted she'd bought stolen booze from Charity for the barbecue.

But could it all be an elaborate ruse to protect Marlon?

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on ITV.

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