Emmerdale set to be rocked by 'super soap week' stunt: 'It will be brilliant'

Emmerdale set to be rocked by 'super soap week' stunt: 'It will be brilliant'

Emmerdale grim reaper

The UK’s most dangerous village is set to be rocked by another disaster, as Emmerdale boss Jane Hudson has confirmed another stunt will play out in, you guessed it, October.

Traditionally, ITV turns a spotlight on its soaps to kick autumn off, and it has become a bit of an expectation that some sort of deadly spectacular plays out in the so called ‘super soap week.’

If you like that kind of thing, then there is good news for you!

Following on from such horrors as a burning maze, a motorway pile-up and a cow stampede through a storm, Emmerdale is planning another explosive event, which Jane promised will be ‘brilliant’.

The autumn story is currently being worked on, with Jane and her colleagues now putting together the final touches.

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And the producer explained to us her unique way of formulating the episodes, with details often inspiring her in the middle of the night.

‘I was working on it late last night with my producer when we should have been going to bed – not together, in our separate houses – and we started getting a bit giddy with ideas and started messaging each other!’ she smiled.

‘Then I woke up at 3am having had a dream that somebody was trying to break my neck and I actually jumped up in bed.

‘I keep a pad next to my bed and a pen, and I thought I’ve got to write down some ideas. Nobody’s getting their neck broken but I was just in that world of going stories, something’s happening, at 3am I was scribbling!

‘Super Soap Week traditionally has a stunt in it, but we are still at the very early stages. We’re in my ‘dream head’ state at the moment. But it will be brilliant because it always is.’

Earlier in the conversation, Jane had made the point of saying that Kim Tate (Claire King) would find out the truth about Caleb Milligan’s (Will Ash) plot against her before ‘super soak week’.

Is this an indication that this story is expected to be the focal point of the episodes?

If so, it’s guaranteed to be explosive as the complex saga builds to a crescendo.

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