Emmerdale spoilers: Harriet Finch forced to move murdered Malone's body as grave is threatened with exhumation

HARRIET Finch is forced to move murdered Malone’s body in Emmerdale as his grave is threatened with exhumation.

It all kicks off when a woman called Jean announces she’s the daughter of a man in the graveyard beneath Malone – and that she wants to dig him up. 

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Viewers will remember that Harriet and Dawn buried the corrupt cop back in August after Dawn shot him three times in self defence.

The pair rolled Malone into a carpet before burying him in someone else’s grave in the churchyard. 

And now viewers will see the past come back to haunt Harriet when she sees a woman standing at the grave where Malone is buried. 

Upcoming scenes will see an anxious Harriet bare her soul in prayer, but she’s horrified when she’s interrupted by Jean, the woman from the graveyard. 

Harriet tries to stay calm when Jean reveals she’s the daughter of a man in the graveyard buried beneath Malone. 

Jean adds that she’s planning on exhuming her father’s body – much to Harriet's dismay. 

Harriet calls the bishop and begs him to stop the exhumation, who tells her she’ll visit in person to discuss the matter. 

Harriet grows certain that all this fuss will lead to Malone’s body being discovered and tells Will that something has to be done. 

Will they try and move his body?

Soap boss Jane Hudson warned that Malone’s body might have to be moved back in August.

She revealed: “I'm pretty sure given that it's a soap, that body won't stay buried there forever and there will be some reason later on why that body needs to be moved, and we can fully enjoy some dark, grisly, grave digging in the future!”

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