First look at Doctor Who's Christmas special sees Jodie Whittaker stuck in alien prison as Earth faces annihilation

DOCTOR Who will return to screens over the festive season with humanity under siege by the deadly Daleks.

The sci-fi hit managed to wrap filming for the special episode before the global coronavirus pandemic, meaning it will still drop as scheduled on the BBC.

Titled The Revolution of The Daleks, the adventure picks up with Jodie Whittaker still trapped in a high-security alien prison.

Judging by the tally she has been keeping on the wall, she has been there for some time.

The official synopsis reads: "The Doctor is locked away in a high-security alien prison. Isolated, alone, with no hope of escape.

"Far away, on Earth, her best friends, Yaz, Ryan and Graham have to pick up their lives without her.

"But it’s not easy. Old habits die hard. Especially when they discover a disturbing plan forming.

"A plan which involves a Dalek. How can you fight a Dalek, without the Doctor?"

Fans will remember that the Doctor was teleported to a remote prison by the Judoon at the end of season 12 with no trial.

Many have been anticipating the episode after some eagle-eyed members of the public spotted the BBC filming scenes with the Daleks invading Bristol's Clifton Suspension Bridge.

In a short video, the Doctor's greatest foe seems to have returned, with a number of Daleks on the bridge during what appears to be an evening shoot.

One appears to be a newly designed recon Dalek, while the others are an older model, the gold plated Daleks from the 2005 series.

However the recon Dalek appears to be destroyed in other footage gathered from Snapchat.

Doctor Who is available to stream on BBC iPlayer now.

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