Gemma Collins reveals poignant 'sign' from her close pal following his tragic death as she admits she was 'distraught'

GEMMA Collins opened up on the moment her late friend Rhys Alan Smith sent her a 'sign' after his tragic death.

Gemma is currently grieving the loss of Rhys Alan Smith – the ex boyfriend of Towie star Harry Derbidge – who died in Tenerife last month.

"My dear friend, who was like a little brother to me, sadly passed away and it has been so awful. If anyone is feeling not themselves or is struggling please speak to someone," she started.

The former Towie darling also revealed she had to take a break from working, including recording her podcast because she was too upset.

"I did take a week off because I was so distraught," Gemma explained before adding she was glad to be back.

"Recording this podcast makes me feel happier and do you know what guys, I missed you all last week."

Then Gemma revealed the poignant moment she believed Rhys reached out to her with a 'sign'.

"And I really got some comfort the other day, which started to make me feel better – I was watering my trees and a little white angel feather fell down as I was watering my trees," Gemma revealed.

"If you listen to my podcast you know I believe in that sort of thing and it did give me a bit of comfort.

"My dear friend Rhys, may he rest in peace."

In the same episode Gemma revealed she's been struggling with feeling "alone" and has recruited her mum to keep her company.

"I have felt really alone and I have felt so sad, and I just want to thank my mum because she's been amazing and she came shopping with me," she said.

"I know, shopping again. What is it about shopping? Whenever you're sad you just think, 'I've just got to buy something'."

Spanish police sources on the island revealed officers had been called to an address in Granadilla de Abona in the south of the island in the early hours and found Rhys.

His death was not treated as suspicious.

He was close friends with several cast members, in particular Gemma Collins and James Argent. 

Gemma said in an emotional social media tribute: “My heart will never be the same. I won’t ever be the same, love you Reece.”·

While Arg wrote: “Love you mate.”

Harry and Rhys dated back in 2013 and make-up artist Harry later admitted he slept with Rhys when he had started dating Bobby.

He is thought to have spent time living in Dubai before returning to Spain, where he is believed to have been training as a masseuse.

The fitness fan, who had transformed his look in recent years, often went on holiday with Gemma.

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