Geri Horner transforms into White Spice as she ditches colourful clothes in favour of ‘ladylike’ white outfits – The Sun

Geri Horner transforms into White Spice as she ditches colourful clothes in favour of ‘ladylike’ white outfits – The Sun

GERI Horner has transformed into White Spice – after ditched her colourful wardrobe in favour of a all-white palette.

Sources close to the Spice Girl, 46, say she has decided to avoid wearing colour going forward.

And she is said to be delighted with her “clean and ladylike” new look.

Ginger Spice, who is married to F1 boss Christian Horner, donned colourful costumes for the Spice Girls tour – which kicked off in May.

But off-stage she has not been seen in a colour since April – when she posed for an Instagram shot in a pastel pink jumper.

Earlier this month she was spotted sporting a crisp white dress by Alexander McQueen as she enjoyed the Royal Box at Wimbledon.

And last week she wore a smart white Balmain blazer, matching shirt and trousers as she joined her husband and Mel B at Silverstone.

The source said: “Geri has lead a very colourful life, but earlier this year she decided she wanted her clothes to become more muted.

“She loves white clothes – she thinks they look sharp, clean and ladylike.

“And she has told her stylists to only bring her white outfits from now on.

“Her new sophisticated look has led some of her pals to joke that she is becoming more like Posh Spice.

“But with her gorgeous red hair, there’s no chance of anyone forgetting which Spice she is anytime soon.”

Geri’s classy new look has not gone unnoticed by her fans – with many taking to social media to poke fun at her fashion choice.

Commenting on a photo on Instagram, Darren Dighton said Geri’s outfit made her look like she was “going on a cruise ship.”

And other critics piled in, calling the star “shippers” and “captain”.

But fans of Geri’s new look were quick to praise the mum of two for her “sophisticated and gorgeous” new look.

The source added: “Geri is not one to let others dictate how she looks, and she is delighted with her elegant new wardrobe.”

Trying to distance herself

DEPUTY Fashion Editor Gabriele Dirvanauskas says:

Geri’s dry cleaning bill must be a nightmare.

The Spice Girl has adopted an all-white wardrobe – whether it’s watching Wimbledon or for her Instagram snaps.

It’s the most unforgiving of colours – but the lithe 46-year-old pulls it off well.

It must also help not to have to brave the bus, or rub shoulders with us general public.

But we wonder what she’s trying to prove? White is a positive shade that traditionally stands for innocence and purity.

And now that she’s a well-to-do Lady of the Manor, she could be using the colour to distance herself from her raucous Girl Power days.

But she’ll always be Ginger Spice to us.

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