'GLOW' Star Teases 'Crazy' Mud Wrestling Scene and Geena Davis' GIF-Able Moment (Exclusive)

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling head to Las Vegas in Season 3 — here’s what to expect when it drops Friday!

Britney Young got down and dirty in Las Vegas … or at least her "GLOW" alter ego, Carmen, did in the new season.

Out Friday, the latest installment of the Netflix series follows the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling to Sin City, where they’re headlining at the fictitious Fan-Tan Hotel and Casino. What follows are nights filled with gambling, partying … and mud wrestling?!

One episode finds Carmen, aka Machu Picchu, and Cherry Bang (Sydelle Noel) battling it out in next to nothing in a tub full ‘o mud. "It was crazy," Young told TooFab ahead of the premiere. "I think Sydelle and I only had one day to rehearse in the mud prior. It was trying to figure out how to stabilize ourselves to do all these big moves."

Young said they were expecting to have to do 15-20 takes of the scene, but since that would require them to hose off each time they reset, they only did it twice. "We were like, we wanna go again and they were like, ‘Go take a shower,’" she said with a laugh.

Young, who always thought of mud wrestling as " a very sexualized" thing, added she found the scene especially empowering too. "For them to give that to the plus sized girl and be like, we ain’t making it a thing, just go in there, I was really proud to do that," she explained, "it’s so fun."

While it was a blast in the moment, cleaning up after wasn’t. "Longest showers of my life, a good 45 minutes," she said, adding that it got "everywhere."

Though the aforementioned scene only got a day of rehearsals, the training for "GLOW" is still very intense. According to Young, they start about a month before shooting begins, with 3-4 hour days, 5 days a week. Then, as they start shooting the show, if a scene in the ring is coming up for a particular actor, they once again meet with the stunt and wrestling coordinators.

The actress said one battle in particular in the new season was "like the biggest one we’ve ever done" — and, while they did rehearsals separately a handful of times, she only practiced with her scene partner once.

"We come in and want to do bigger moves, we wanna go better, we wanna go like really flashy and [the coordinators] have to reign us in," she added, teasing that, in one episode, the women all switch roles for a show.

"I was very excited to figure out who I turned into and also extremely nervous because she is one of the biggest characters we have on the show," she said, not spoiling the surprise. "And to top it all off, the day I shot that, she was in the audience. She was crying laughing, her husband was there, he was crying laughing. They both came up to me and said how great of a job I did."

Last, but certainly not least, we need to address the Geena Davis in the room. This season, the beloved actress joins the show as amazingly-named Sandy Devereux St. Clair, a former showgirl who runs the Fan-Tan.

Young, like most of her costars, was ecstatic to learn Davis had joined the cast.

"I was really excited and I tried to play it really cool … she was so sweet," she said. "The first day, she was like, I need to take a group picture. She’s a fan of the show, which makes it even better because she comes in knowing exactly what she’s getting into."

"To keep the vagueness, she has one scene where I just like, you’re a goddess," Young teased. "We locked eyes and I winked at her … she’s such a professional, she’s so sweet and kind and she really does do a good job this year."

Though she wouldn’t spoil Davis’ big moment — and trust us, it’s good! — Young said she’s "expecting all the GIFs and memes. It’s gonna be great."

See Young and Davis in action when "GLOW" drops Friday, August 9 on Netflix.

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