Grimes reveals she is 'weirdly enjoying' Covid as musician admits she's battling virus amid 'DayQuil fever dream'

GRIMES has admitted to fans she is "weirdly enjoying" battling coronavirus.

In a sign her bout of illness is perhaps not too severe, the musician took to her Instagram Stories to make a quip about her condition.

The mum of one posted a slide which showed a little girl looking extremely sad, followed by the words: "Finally got COVID but weirdly enjoying the DayQuil fever dream 2021."

She made reference to DayQuil, a liquid capsule medication which reduces fever, hinting she'd been suffering from one of the key signs of the virus.

Grimes, real name Clare Boucher, then tagged a fairy and plant Emoji icon to round off her message.

It is unclear as yet whether her Tesla boss boyfriend, Elon Musk, or their child is suffering also.

The couple made their debut at the Met Gala in May 2018 and welcomed their first baby in May last year.

Musk and Grimes announced the baby was named X Æ A-12, but were forced to choose something else as the California state does not allow symbols in a name.

Though despite the name, the billionaire boss recently came under fire as he commented his view that gender pronouns are a "esthetic nightmare."

Meanwhile, aside from illness, it is a happy time for the family.

According to the Bloomberg billionaires index, Tesla founder Elon Musk overtook Amazon boss Jeff Bezos on Thursday, January 8 to become the richest person in the world.

LA-based Grimes also delighted fans by releasing an updated version of her album Miss Anthropocene on New Year's Day.

It follows the release of the original version, in February 2020, and the Rave Edition features more club tracks.




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