Here's the Deal with Heather Martin—the 'Bachelor' Alum Crashing Matt James' Season

Matt James’ season of The Bachelor is just days away (kay, fine, weeks) and weirdly there aren’t that many spoilers circulating the interwebz yet. Usually, sleuths have found out the winner by now—but at this point, all we know is this: 1) the show’s going down on January 4, 2) there will be at least one steamy hot tub makeout session, and 2) everyone’s trapped at a resort in Pennsylvania together. The good news? There’s a bunch of tea on Matt’s contestants—and (surprise!) that list includes Heather Martin.

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If her face looks familiar to you, it’s because you 100 percent know who she is. Heather is a card-carrying member of Bachelor Nation, and she’s poised to show up on The Bachelor sometime mid-season to mix things up for Matt.

So…what’s Heather’s ~whole entire deal~? Aside from being a 24-year-old influencer from Southern California, here’s what’s up:

She’s Best Friends with Hannah Brown

These two are alllllll over each other’s Instagrams, and seem to spend a fair amount of time chilling at the beach together:

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And as Reality Steve notes, it’s possible that Hannah was the one behind Heather joining Matt’s season since Hannah and Matt are close friends through Tyler Cameron. But, pray tell, how do Hannah and Heather even know each other?

Heather Competed on Colton Underwood’s Season

She ended up quitting in Week 7, telling Colton she simply wasn’t feeling the vibes:

Also important?

Colton! Was! Her! First! Kiss!

Heather came onto The Bachelor having never been kissed, and ended up getting her first ever smooch on screen with Colton. And yes, she was thrilled:

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