Hungover Faye Winter drinks champagne at 8am as she jets off on holiday in first class seat – without Teddy

Hungover Faye Winter drinks champagne at 8am as she jets off on holiday in first class seat – without Teddy

FAYE Winter didn't let an early flight get in the way of supporting her man as she got home from a night out at 3am and was out the door again at 5am.

The Love Island star, 26, was out on Tuesday to watch Teddy Soares perform in The Real Full Monty at Blackpool Winter gardens.

She then made the 4 hour and 30 minute drive from Blackpool to home in London for a fleeting visit, before letting her Instagram followers know she was back in the car less than two hours later.

Still looking as good as ever, Faye told the camera: "I wouldn't have missed watching Teddy for the absolute world so all this travel is worth it and you'll see what I'm doing in a minute."

Faye then revealed she was jetting off to a secret location without Teddy – as she sipped on champagne in first class at 8am.

Teasing her fans with a project she's yet to announce, Faye added: "A few of you have guessed it, I am out of here! I have something really exciting coming up this week which I can't wait to share with you all. I've been working on it since I came out of the villa and I'm really excited to show you everything."

She added: "But for now I'm gonna sleep, I am knackered and I'm still in last night's make-up."

Faye then turned camera to her glass of fizz and said: "It's 8pm somewhere, right?"

Faye and Teddy, 26, recently took their relationship to the next level by announcing they'd moved in together three months after coming out of the Love Island villa.

A beaming Faye gave fans a first glimpse inside the property last week, showing off a huge staircase and stylish cream tiled floor.

The property enthusiast told her followers: “I’m Faye, I’m 26 and I’m a Lettings Manager from Devon – every part of me was proud to say those words, I’d worked so hard for ten years over both Sales and Lettings to get me to the point of where I was.

"I was lucky enough to adore my career and I never went on this journey for a new one, just somehow managed to get an amazing following from incredible people which I’m so grateful for, so why not now carry on what I loved from within my new life….

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