Im an astrology expert – Strictlys Amanda Abbington and pro Giovanni Pernice were destined to disagree

Im an astrology expert – Strictlys Amanda Abbington and pro Giovanni Pernice were destined to disagree

Following Amanda Abbington's exit from Strictly Come Dancing, astrology expert Michelle Belle has revealed why Amanda, 49, was "destined" to disagree with her pro partner Giovanni Pernice.

Michelle, who founded Cosmic Fusion, has merged both Western and Chinese astrology to gain insight into both Amanda and Giovanni's personalities, and why the two were rumoured to have been feuding during their brief stint on the show.

Discussing Giovanni's zodiac, Michelle revealed he is a Virgo Metal Horse, while Amanda is a Pisces Wood Tiger.

Speaking to OK! about Giovanni, Michelle said: "He’s a very single-minded individual who craves independence.

"Nothing gets in the way of his blinkered focus and ambitions. He’s a very detail-oriented and meticulous person, everything needs to be done according to his plan.

"He can be a little highly strung as he doesn’t like taking advice or counsel from anyone. He can be quite private and doesn’t tend to be the most overly affectionate person, there’s quite an edge to his character.

"He’s very impressive and hugely talented, his self-belief alone is enough to carry him through life. He’s a quietly competitive character who has to be the best at everything."

However, Giovanni's meticulous nature may have clashed with Amanda's happy-go-luck attitude, as Michelle explained: "She’s a happy-go-lucky person who is also very charming. She’s quite spontaneous and tends to be up for anything, she loves a challenge.

"She has a good work ethic if it’s something that truly inspires her otherwise she can lose focus and interest. She’s quite sensitive, Pisceans are the most fragile signs in the Western zodiac, and the Wood Tiger is one of the least ferocious combinations in the Chinese zodiac.

"The Wood Tiger can be a little impulsive, so when paired with the sensitive Piscean, so there’s a degree of recklessness here. She’s intuitive so she tends to act on her emotions as opposed to thinking things through practically."

The differences between these two could have led to clashes, according to Michelle, who told OK!: "When it comes to Giovanni and Amanda’s signs, they are two very different characters, so it makes sense that they would clash on a lot of levels.

"Giovanni is meticulous, strict and precise, he’s someone who plays by the rules and doesn’t like taking risks. Every decision that he makes is well thought-out and preconceived.

"On the other hand, Amanda is more spontaneous and driven by her emotions. They approach situations very differently, one is more pragmatic and analytical (Giovanni), and the other is sensitive and emotional (Amanda). It’s hard for them to see eye to eye with each other."

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