Im on MAFS UK and half naked men in the gym stop to ask me same question

Im on MAFS UK and half naked men in the gym stop to ask me same question

Married at First Sight UK star Arthur Poremba is getting pestered in the gym by fans wanting to know if he's still with wife Laura Vaughan.

The tennis coach was paired with finance manager Laura by relationship experts Paul C Brunson, Charlene Douglas and Mel Schilling at the start of the E4 social experiment and they tied the knot after meeting each other for the first time at the alter on their wedding day.

Despite getting off to a rocky start following the revelation that Arthur got his wedding vows off the internet, the couple have gone from strength to strength over the weeks and have overcome obstacles in their relationship.

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As part of the strict show rules, the newlyweds are not allowed to be seen in public together or wear their wedding rings in a bid to avoid spoilers ruining the E4 reality show. However, it doesn't stop fans asking cast members if they can tell him show secrets.

Arthur told Daily Star: "I've had the most amazing response from fans of the show. It's been really good. People come up to me in the gym to try and find out a bit more. Every single comes up to me and is like 'oh my god are you guys still together?' and I''m like 'I can't talk about the show, I can only talk about things you've already seen.'"

He continued: "I was in the changing room and I was just about the leave to go home and there was a half naked guy that runs up to me and is like 'are you that guy from Married at First Sight? Can I have a selfie?'. I didn't realise how big the show was until it came out."

Arthur, who moved to the UK from Poland aged 16, went on to share the part of the process he struggled with the most. He explained: "The most difficult part for me was to sort of accept the person that I am and be myself.

"I've always always struggled with that part of my life. When I first moved to the UK I struggled with acceptance so moving into the apartments and being with people I've never met before I thought I need to be someone to be someone else just to be accepted and to be welcomed in a group."

Fans will have to wait and see if Laura and Arthur make it to the final vows at the end of the series and if they are still together months after filming the show.

Married at First Sight UK airs Monday to Thursday on E4 at 9pm

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