ITV Big Brothers Zak weighs in on Jordan, Matty and Henrys awkward love triangle

ITV Big Brothers Zak weighs in on Jordan, Matty and Henrys awkward love triangle

When Zak Srakaew became the second contestant to be voted out of the iconic Big Brother house, while Henry Southan was saved by the public, it was the culmination of an already very dramatic week.

From housemates being locked in cages for discussing nominations, to tensions rising after two housemates were revealed to have broken house rules, things were really heating up.

But one thing that undoubtedly caught viewers' attention was the awkward love triangle between Jordan, Matty and Henry. The trio have been exchanging flirty comments but, since the show started, Henry and Jordan have remained close with the pair often referring to each other as 'husbands'.

In the last few days though, Big Brother viewers have noticed that Matty has become closer to Jordan, creating a love triangle. Then, in the latest episode, Jordan and Matty shared a deep conversation during their shopping task.

Now, in an exclusive chat with OK!, 28-year-old Zak has revealed he'll find it "interesting" to see how the situation pans out since leaving the show, especially when it comes to Matty.

"I've been keeping up and watching the love triangle. I've seen Matty and Jordan chatting, then Henry coming in to interrupt. It's quite fascinating to watch," Zak said.

Zak also addressed the fact that Matty is an open relationship with his boyfriend on the outside world.

"Matty is just one of those guys who is nice to everyone," Zak continued. "I think there are moments when Matty does try to shut down Jordan though because he has a boyfriend. He speaks really highly of him and is always talking about him."

But when it comes to temptation, it sounds like Zak, who is a model from Manchester, understands the connection between the two and alluded to the fact Matty is in an open relationship.

"It's like being a goalkeeper – just because you're a goalkeeper doesn't mean you can't score.

"I don't know what Jordan is trying to do but I'm excited to see how it all pans out.

"But Matty is strong and I don't think he'll give in to what Jordan wants. He's like me and likes to flirt and have a laugh, but I don't think he'll take anything too seriously."

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