ITV Corrie viewers baffled over Imrans mum age as fans gush over ageless beauty

ITV Corrie viewers baffled over Imrans mum age as fans gush over ageless beauty

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Coronation Street viewers were left rather perplexed on Monday night as they all seemed to think Imran Habeeb's mother Saira looked far too young to play the part.

Saira returned to the famous cobbles following the death of her son Imran last week.

Clearly upset and emotional, Saira, who is played by actress Kim Vithana, was in tears when she spoke to Imran's wife Toyah about his untimely death.

But viewers were clearly distracted by Saira's youthful appearance and jumped on Twitter to share their thoughts on her.

One person wrote: "I'm sorry but how old is Imran's mum, she's too young to be his mum."

Another said: "Imran’s mum looks way too young."

A third shocked viewer penned: "Wow did Imran's mum have him when she was 10."

While others were happy to see the actress back on their screens, with one person writing: "So happy to see you back on the street tonight @KimVithana. We've missed you and Saira. Hope you're sticking around for a while."

And another chimed: "Saira Habeeb has changed her attitude so much. This is growth. Good for her. Equality and choice will prevail."

Things were certainly turbulent during Monday's episode of Corrie as Toyah and Saira tried to make arrangements for Imran's funeral.

Although Saira wanted her son to have a Muslim burial, she later changed her mind when Toyah told that he was no longer practicing the religion.

Not longer after, Toyah was arrested for her involvement in Imran's death, leaving sister Leanne to pick up the pieces.

But with Leanne very much involved in family matters involving baby Alfie, most viewers seemed rather annoyed at her.

Jumping back on Twitter, one person said: "Leanne I totally get that you're just looking out for Toyah right now, but your aggressive screaming and shouting at everyone is starting to grate on me. Geez."

Another echoed: "Leanne 'I'm his aunt' – er, no you're not…you're no relation to Alfie whatsoever! Just give him back to his real mother, Abi, and she can bring him up with Kevin. He should've been removed from Toyah straight away as she's not his mum. Come on #Corrie sort it out.

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