ITV Loose Women: Viewers puzzled as Coleen Nolan apologises for slip-up ‘What did she say?

Brenda, 45, is known for making guest appearances on Loose Women, joining her fellow chat show stars to discuss a number topical subjects.

Including talk of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s latest property development being paid for by the tax payer, discussion also turned to the change of the iconic Barbie Doll over the years.

The former X Factor star was clearly caught unawares and accidentally let slip some unacceptable language on the ITV panel show.

Head panelist Coleen, 54, stepped in as the stars burst into hysterics, but viewers were left questioning what the singer was apologising for.

What did Brenda say?

Loose Women viewer

Taking to Twitter, one view wrote: “What did Brenda just say #LooseWomen,” with another adding: “What did Brenda say? #loosewomen.”

A third remarked: “Brenda, you’re so bad a** #LooseWomen,” referring to her slip of the tongue.

After Brenda’s blunder, Coleen said: “Sorry everybody.”

Coleen added: “I’ve always wanted to be in the heat seat to say apologies everybody.”

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