Jaclyn Hill Fans' Insane Theory About Why She Deleted Her Social Media

Jaclyn Hill Fans' Insane Theory About Why She Deleted Her Social Media

Where in the world is Jaclyn Hill? It’s officially been three weeks since Hill shocked fans by deleting all of her social media profiles. The beauty influencer, who made a name for herself by posting makeup tutorials on YouTube, started facing serious backlash after she launched her own cosmetics line, Jaclyn Cosmetics.

Lipstick drama

Though Hill’s So Rich Lipsticks sold out in mere minutes, customers began to report serious issues with contamination shortly after. Hill first denied the claim, then provided paltry excuses for the issues, before issuing a statement that she would be refunding all customers for their purchases regardless of issues. But that was before some new evidence surfaced that Hill might have known that her products were contaminated all along.

Deleting Twitter

Hill gave one last parting note before deactivating her social media accounts. “I deleted [my account] because I immediately got hateful comments and although everything I stated is 1,000 percent true, I need to protect my mental state fire and foremost, And I know people think that makes me a ‘victim’ but honestly, my sanity needs to come first,” the 28-year-old declared in a since-deleted tweet.

Why Hill’s YouTube page is still active

But fans and critics of Hill don’t think that Hill’s mental state was the driving force behind the decision to delete/deactivate her social media pages. Rather they believe it was a calculated way for her to manage her finances and influence. Fans first noted that the beauty vlogger chose not to delete or even temporarily deactivate her YouTube account. This decision is more than likely monetarily based rather than arbitrary. As Hill is paid for the views that she receives for her YouTube videos, it makes financial sense to leave that page active. Even amidst controversy, Hill is still making money off of her videos. Perhaps even more money than usual, as people are going back through her old videos to hate-watch or find traces of lies.

Deactivating Instagram

Other fans strengthed this theory by pointing out that you cannot lose followers when your Twitter and Instagram pages are deactivated or temporarily disabled. Instead, your account completely disappears and nobody is able to tag you in posts, photos or comments. The most fans are able to do in Hill’s absence is to use her name in a hashtag. However, those hashtags won’t appear anywhere on her profiles when she does choose to return to social media. This is extremely important to note. Influencers are paid and given opportunities based on how big their following is and how engaged it is. By deactivating her profiles, Hill went on the defensive and prevented her follower count from dwindling more than it already had.

The future of Jaclyn Cosmetics

But despite the real reason for Jaclyn Hill’s prolonged absence, many fans and critics are completely outraged by her hiatus. While this is the sort of thing might have been more acceptable for Hill to do in the past, as a business owner, it is considered irresponsible and unprofessional. This is especially true if your products are so bad that thousands of people have signed a petition demanding a recall. Whether she comes out of hiding soon or not, seems like there will be hell to pay when she makes her return.

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