Jade Goody’s mum reveals heartbreaking moment son asked her if she was an angel in new documentary

Jade Goody’s mum Jackiey Budden has revealed the heartbreaking moment her son asked if she had turned into an angel.

Bobby and Freddie were just five and three years old respectively when Big Brother legend Jade tragically died in 2009 at the age of 27.

Ten years on from her death, her family and friends will speak in a documentary detailing her life and legacy.

Jackiey speaks in the Channel 4 show, Jade: The Reality Star Who Changed Britain, discussing the heartbreaking moment youngest son Freddie asked Jade if she had already died.

She says: “She's semi-conscious and Freddie got in bed with her, and went: ‘Mum, are you mummy Jade or mummy angel?’

“Later he said: ‘Nana I've been awake all night, I can't sleep, is she mummy mummy or mummy angel?’”

Jackiey adds: “I said: ‘She's mummy angel now.’ And he said: ‘Can you tell her goodnight for me?’”

The father of Jade’s two children, Jeff Brazier, recently revealed how he told Bobby and Freddie their mum had died.

He told Woman magazine: “I just remember we told them the whole time that mum was going to be a beautiful bright star in the sky, rising up to heaven and she was going to go and do a very important job.”

Former Big Brother host Davina McCall also appears on the documentary, breaking down in tears as she looks back on Jade’s success.

Discussing her exit from the Borehamwood mansion, Davina says: “She came fourth but she was the winner. I felt such enormous joy at Jade’s great popularity that night.”

As old footage of Jade greeting her adoring public after leaving the Big Brother House in 2002 plays, Davina says: “I was sort of thinking ‘Oh my God, look she’s just lapping it up. She’s born for this.’”

Becoming even more overwhelmed with emotion, Davina adds: “I remember Jade saying how, you know, she’s always looked after her mum, like all her life.

“And I would look at her and think, ’God you’ve gone into this first foray into being yourself and escaping that past life of drugs and addiction and then turning that around', I mean it was nothing short of miraculous what she did in there!”

Jade: The Reality Star Who Changed Britain airs Wednesday at 9pm on Channel 4.

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