Jon Gosselin's Instagram Followers Think Collin and Hannah Gosselin Look So Much Happier Now

Jon Gosselin's Instagram Followers Think Collin and Hannah Gosselin Look So Much Happier Now

Jon and Kate Gosselin may have only been on TV for a few seasons with their hit TV show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, but their legacy lives on. Their show centered around their life as a married couple raising sets of twins and sextuplets, but we now know they just weren’t meant to be together. Not only could they not make their marriage work, but their divorce became highly-publicized, and they still reportedly don’t get along to this day.

The Gosselin family is more divided than ever, too. Today, two of the sextuplets, Hannah and Collin, live with Jon. And fans who follow Jon on Instagram seem to think the kids look happier than ever.

Hannah Gosselin chose to live with Jon Gosselin full-time about a year ago

While six of the kids still live with Kate, Hannah was the first of the Gosselin children to live exclusively with Jon. An insider told HollywoodLife back in August 2018 that Hannah chose to live with her father despite multiple reports claiming Kate still had full custody of all the kids at the time. “Hannah lives full time with Jon and they are always out and about together in his hometown of Reading, PA,” the insider said. “The details of his custody arrangement with Kate are top secret though. No one but Kate and Jon and their lawyers know the specifics.”

According to HollywoodLife, fans noticed Hannah was first living with Jon when Jon was answering fan questions via Instagram Live. He shared that his daughter was living with him now, and he later posted a photo to Instagram of the teen heading off to her first day of school from his house. In Touch Weekly notes that an insider said Kate “hates” that Hannah lives with Jon, too, though she attempts to show her support.

Jon also has full custody of Collin Gosselin

Now, it’s not just Hannah who’s living with Jon. People reported in December 2018, Jon was awarded temporary sole custody of Collin after Kate failed to show up to court, and from the looks of Instagram, Collin is still happily living with Jon now.

Jon explained that Collin wanted to live with him once he got out of his program for “special needs” that Kate enrolled him in, so having custody made sense for what was best for his son. “It was just easier for the transition,” People reports Jon told reporters. “So it’d be easier for one parent to just transition him home, and he wanted to live with me, so it was easier to do it that way.”

As for the other kids, Jon’s noted he doesn’t see much of them, though he does try and make sure Hannah and Collin can see their siblings if they wish. And it seems the twins who are adults now, Mady and Cara, still don’t have any relationship with Jon at all after speaking out about not wanting anything to do with him.

Fans think the two kids look happier than ever with Jon

From bitter custody battles to money battles to ongoing feuds, the Gosselin kids have been through a lot over the years — but fans think Hannah and Collin are looking happier than ever. Jon posted this photo of him with his kids and his girlfriend, Colleen Conrad, to celebrate Independence Day. And many commented their support on the post for Jon and his fathering capabilities.

“Wanna know why I love this so much? You look genuinely happy. You’re not out putting your dating life in the spot light and living vicariously through your kids. You’re being a dad [sic],” one follower commented. And another added, “Colin and Hannah look so happy to be with you Jon. I am happy for you.” Yet another wrote, “Your kids look so happy. That’s what it’s all about.”

Jon’s followers seem to love all of his posts that show him and his family or his girlfriend, so hopefully, the happy dad will post even more in the future.

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