Kathryn Hahn Says She Is 'Absolutely' Open to Returning as Agatha Harkness in the Marvel Universe

Kathryn Hahn is just as hopeful as fans are that she will one day get to return to the Marvel universe.

While recently chatting with PEOPLE about her partnership with cleaning brand 9 Elements, the 47-year-old actress opened up about her role as the witchy Agatha Harkness on the Disney+ series WandaVision.

When asked if she would ever make a return to the Marvel universe to reprise her fan-favorite role for another project, Hahn jokes, "What if I was like, 'No, absolutely not?'"

"Of course I would! I would love to," she tells PEOPLE. "Yeah, absolutely."

The actress, however, says she has "no idea" if she will ever return to the role, as she says Marvel "runs a real tight ship."

WandaVision revolves around Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and her fellow Avenger beau, Vision, an all-powerful android (Paul Bettany), exploring life as a married couple in suburbia, but told via different classic TV sitcom tropes across several decades.

When fans last saw Agatha, she was placed under a hex by Wanda that turned her back into Agnes, the nosy neighbor character she previously disguised herself as.

"You have no idea what you've unleashed. You're gonna need me," Agatha tells Wanda in the series finale, before Wanda replies back, "If I do, I know where to find you" — leaving the door open for a potential return.

According to Hahn, Agatha "touches on so many storylines in the comics" so the possibilities are endless for her character.

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Looking back, Hahn says that accepting the part of Agatha was a no-brainer, though she initially didn't get her hopes up about landing the role during her preliminary meetings with Marvel.

"I had a general [meeting] with Marvel and [had] no expectations," she says. "I was a fan of their work and a fan of the actors that they work with and the quality of performers. But there was no expectation. Sometimes you never hear for years or never hear anything ever again."

But, as Hahn notes, she got a call from Marvel "literally two days later" that the role was hers.

"I went into a conference room and they walked me through the whole arc of the show and walked me through the part — and I heard the word 'witch' and I heard 'theme song' — and I was so excited. I was like, 'I'm in.' … She's just a fabulous, fabulous character."

Now, Hahn is inspired by some real-life magic, which is why she partnered with 9 Elements, "a line of laundry and home care products with vinegar and plant-based ingredients that are super-charged by science," according to a press release.

"I, like everybody else, am so sick of staring at the inside of my house," Hahn tells PEOPLE. "I'm so sick of cleaning, I'm so sick of the smell of bleach and I'm so sick of just staring at gook, dust, water stains, mildew and things that traditional bleach will not take care of."

The mother of two fell in love with their line of products that she says have "the most fresh, spring-like smell."

As for a favorite product? Hahn says "the Multipurpose Cleaner is pretty amazing and is a great place to start because it could be used on so many surfaces."

"It has been a miracle worker for me," she adds. "It smells so good."

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