Katie Price makes emotional return to the terrifying wall where she broke both feet in Turkey to help get over trauma

KATIE Price has returned to the spot where she nearly died seven months ago in Turkey.

The 42-year-old star was left with two broken feet and confined to a wheelchair for six months after a horrific accident where she tumbled 25ft off a wall onto a concrete ramp.

In an emotional interview Katie told The Sun she went back to the hotel where it happened to face her trauma, saying: "I should be dead."

Standing on the exact place where she landed in a bloodied heap after the deadly drop, a terrified Katie explained: "Someone must be looking over me.

"After seeing it in daylight I should be more damaged – if not dead. Even the doctors said I was lucky not to be paralysed.

"If I'd hit my head there is no doubt I wouldn't be here today."

Katie was on a loved-up trip with new man Carl Woods – his first with her children Princess, 13, and Junior, 15 – when the nightmare unfolded.

She explained that the protective railing now in place at the top of the drop wasn't there in the summer and she thought she would be simply hopping over a small wall.

Katie said: "It was dark when it happened – I thought it was the same drop on the other side as the side I was on.

"I had no idea it was so high – there was no lighting or signs there. They have now put a fence there.

"If that fence and signs had been there I would never have been able to fall."

The star was rushed to A&E covered in blood and with feet that looked like they had been chewed up in a horror film.

She has had to have intensive treatment ever since – and has been told she will have to cope with the pain in her feet for the rest of her life.

She explained: "I've had life-long changes. My feet will never be the same and will have pain for the rest of my life.

"These days, after just 20 minutes of being on my feet I’m in agony and have to rest. It’s a life-long challenge but I’m determined not to let it stop me doing what I want.

Katie, who was told she'd broken both her feet at the end of July, defied all the odds by taking her first steps – albeit only for a few seconds – just three months later.

Doctors had told her she wouldn't walk for two years but she responded well to a range of treatments, including three hours of intensive hydrotherapy rehabilitation a day.

She has returned to Turkey again with Carl, 31, on a flying visit to the Dental Centre Turkey to have more work done on her teeth.

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