Keri Russell's Diplomat Is Negotiating a Shaky Marriage — Watch Netflix Trailer

Keri Russell's Diplomat Is Negotiating a Shaky Marriage — Watch Netflix Trailer

Keri Russell’s new Netflix series is called The Diplomat, but it seems there’s more than one diplomat in this household.

The streamer has released a trailer for the political drama — which you can watch above — with Russell (The Americans) starring as Kate Wyler, the newly named U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom. In her new role, she has to navigate tricky international relationships and a brewing military crisis overseas. But she also has to manage her grumpy husband Hal (Rufus Sewell), who introduces himself as “the ambassador’s wife” and second-guesses her every move, since he’s also a career diplomat. Uh-oh… some toes are about to get stepped on, we’re guessing.

“The Diplomat is a show about the transcendence and torture of long-term relationships,” series creator and executive producer Debora Cahn (The West WingHomeland) said in a statement. “It’s hard to keep a relationship going, be it a marriage or a military alliance. We change, the world changes, and yet we want these relationships to go on forever. It’s a show about a bunch of good people doing their best to keep their global and personal partnerships intact without killing each other. In the world of diplomacy, you’re dealing with a lot of rule-bound, protocol-driven behavior, but underneath all that, these are people who sweat, and spill coffee on their clothes, and forget the name of the person they’re talking to. All of that is always bubbling under the grandeur and majesty of working with heads of state.”

The Diplomat debuts with all eight episodes on Thursday, April 20 on Netflix. Press PLAY above for a sneak peek, and then hit the comments to share your first impressions.

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