Laura Whitmore's furious rant online in which she branded polite journalist 'vile' is hypocritical

WE endeavour to get things right at Bizarre, and it’s a privilege to be invited behind the scenes with the best and brightest in showbiz to bring their world directly to you, our fantastic readers.

But occasionally, I get it wrong – and on this occasion I need to make an apology.

Not to Laura Whitmore, the sour-faced front of a mid-ranking reality TV show and self-satisfied promotional clothes horse, but to you, my readers, for wasting your time on her.

Yesterday, sanctimonious Laura launched into a furious rant online about a female journalist from an Irish newspaper, who had contacted her agent extremely politely, asking if she wished to comment on a story about the name of her new baby.

I couldn’t give a monkeys what Laura or her “comedian” bloke Iain Stirling decided to name their kid, so I won’t trouble you with the details.

What does trouble me is Laura’s decision to unleash a bucketload of abuse on the young woman by screenshotting the email complete with her full name and posting it on social media, labelling her “vile”.

The only thing vile here was a prominent celebrity’s attempt to set the digital dogs on a woman who was doing her job and worked completely within the established rules of the industry – and the shameless hypocrisy of someone who started her career as an interviewer on MTV asking celebrities about their personal lives.

This isn’t about people’s right to privacy, it’s about the hypocrisy of someone who will flaunt themselves for fame and fortune when it suits them, then preach about virtuesignalling kindness when they need the feel the warm glow superiority, but feed another woman in the media to the lions when she’s got her back up.

Aside from spotting Laura peacocking around Glastonbury hoping to be photographed, I don’t think I’ve ever been in her company at all.

She may well be great fun among friends, and generous, decent, and a terrific new mum.

But I’ll never know.

I’ll just have to settle on the assumption she’s a bang average telly presenter who only wants attention on her own terms while flogging a product or preaching on a podcast, and has seemingly forgotten where she came from.

Certainly, she doesn’t practise what she preaches. If I have wasted your time on her before, it won’t happen again.

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