LGBTQ Pride Touted During A Nickelodeon ‘Blues Clues’ Song

Blues Clues & You, the reboot of the original children’s classic, has carved its own niche in the popular culture today with a new song.

The ABC Song with Blue!, sung by the dog Blue as voiced by Traci Paige Johnson, assigns concepts to letters of the alphabet. At “P,” the song notes, “P is full of Pride.” To underline its point, the “P” is in rainbow colors, the same as the colors of the LGBTQ pride flag.

The letter is also surrounded by multiple other flags representing specific communities. Those include flags for the Trans community, asexual community, pansexual community, intersex community, gender-fluid community, and more.

ABC Song w/ Blue! is exclusive to the show’s official YouTube channel. It has yet to air on television.

Nickelodeon earlier served up an ad that seemed to indicate Spongebob SquarePants was a member of the LGBTQ community. The network played it coy when asked about that symbolism.

Last year, Nick Jr. shared a lesson over its social media platforms so kids could understand the meaning of the LGBTQ flag.


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