‘Like a dream’ Last Kingdoms Edward star pays tribute to Alexander Dreymon’s new role

‘Like a dream’ Last Kingdoms Edward star pays tribute to Alexander Dreymon’s new role

Alexander Dreymon thanks fans as The Last Kingdom wraps

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In addition to starring as Uhtred of Bebbanburg in five seasons of the hit BBC Two and Netflix drama, Alexander Dreymon also became a key player behind the scenes in one of the final episodes. His The Last Kingdom co-star Timothy Innes, who played Edward, has since opened up about what it was like to be directed by the series’ long-running leading man.

English actor Timothy was incredibly impressed by Alexander’s first time as a director in the fifth and final season of The Last Kingdom.

The German-born star stepped in to direct episode two, which set the stakes for the last instalment in spectacular fashion.

Timothy exclaimed: “Yes, yes, yes. He was a dream, of course.

“In fact, I was on his first day directing, and it was like he had been directing for the last, like… he had been directing forever.”

In actual fact, Alexander had never been credited as a director – or any other behind-the-scenes roles – until he made his debut on The Last Kingdom.

Alexander’s co-star revealed he was immediately impressed with how he constructed his scenes and especially how he communicated with the other actors.

He told the Screen Chronicles podcast: “You know, what was a blessing with Alex is that, not only does he know the show inside and out and the characters, but he also knows how to talk to actors.

“In a way where he knows how to give notes, he knows how to approach being delicate with, I think, a unique situation where you’re wanting to give notes to actors but not damage the environment of vulnerability.”

Episode two featured some of the most challenging scenes of the season, such as Brida’s (played by Emily Cox) capture and torture of Viking warrior Sigtryggr (Eysteinn Sigurðarson).

He eventually manages to meet up with Uhtred, and the pair hatch a plan to use the sewers to infiltrate Eoferwic.

Alexander managed to juggle the show’s usual balance of epic action and intimate character drama, setting a high precedent for the rest of the season.

His co-star Timothy wasn’t the only one who was blown away by his directing skill, as Sigtryggr star Eysteinn also sung his praises on Screen Chronicles.

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“Alexander Dreymon… genius,” he said. “This is his directing debut!

“I know you’ve heard all about him and his kindness, and his responsibility as the number one on the call sheet, as we always call it.

“To do that for years and years, to set the tone, set the bar for everyone. Respect, hard work, fun times.

“But also, for him to show up for his directorial debut and for, like, every single frame that you see in episode two he had references. He had done his homework.

“For every single character, every single line, he’s got ideas. And then also, having a personal relationship with all the actors, was able to sometimes step back and let you do what you wanted to do.”

The Uhtred star won’t be helming the upcoming feature film, Seven Kings Must Die, but hopefully, this isn’t the last his fans have seen of his directing skills with his post-The Last Kingdom projects.

The extended finale will be directed by The Last Kingdom regular Edward Bazalgette and will bring Uhtred’s quest to an epic close when it releases at some point next year.

The Last Kingdom seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Netflix.

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