'Little People, Big World': Audrey Roloff Says She and Tori Roloff Do Not Plan Their Pregnancies Together

'Little People, Big World': Audrey Roloff Says She and Tori Roloff Do Not Plan Their Pregnancies Together

Matt and Amy Roloff may have been the center of attention on the latest season of Little People, Big World, but we can’t forget that the other members of the Roloff family also have plenty of news to share. Zach, Matt and Amy’s son who also has a form of dwarfism, and his wife, Tori, have become fan favorites over the years. They’ve remained on the show and allow fans to get an inside look into their life with their son, Jackson.

Matt and Amy’s other kids are no longer regulars on TV, but Jeremy and Audrey Roloff haven’t completely stepped out of the public eye. The two of them just announced they’re expecting their second child — and it has many wondering if Audrey and Tori plan their pregnancies together, as Tori is with child, too. Here’s what Audrey had to say about it.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff just announced they’re expecting their second child


Jeremy and Audrey Roloff may no longer be on LPBW, but they’re still active social media users and love sharing their projects with the public. They recently traveled promote their book, A Love Letter Life, which gives behind-the-scenes details on how the two of them make their marriage work. Not only that, but they also have a thriving business based off of their Beating 50 Percent marriage website and Marriage Journal.

Business aside, Jeremy and Audrey also made a special announcement recently — and that’s that they’re expecting their second child. “Baby #2 is coming in January!!!” Audrey announced on Instagram. “Ember is gonna be a big sister! We are so grateful and excited for this little blessing to join our family.” Their daughter, Ember, was born in 2017, and the couple has discussed wanting a big family for a while now, so it seems they’re making their dreams come true.

Tori Roloff is also pregnant with her second baby


It looks like fans now have two Roloff babies to look forward to. Tori Roloff announced back in May that she and Zach are also expecting their second child. “Zachary and I are so excited to announce that Jackson is going to be a big brother! We are expecting a sweet baby girl this November!” she wrote on Instagram — and of course, her fans were ecstatic.

Not only did her followers comment on the good news, but Audrey also added her own message on Instagram to Tori. “Wahoooooo CANT WAIT FOR THE GIRLSIES TO HANGGGGG. I’m so happy for you Tori!” Audrey wrote. And this message prompted many to wonder if Tori’s pregnancy would be giving Audrey and Jeremy baby fever, too. As one follower asked, “@audreyroloff are we going to make this a double pregnancy again [sic].”

Audrey claims she and Tori don’t plan out their pregnancies together


Audrey’s congratulatory message (as well as Audrey and Jeremy saying they wanted a big family during multiple interviews) clued fans in that maybe their second child would be on the way. And now that baby No. 2 is confirmed, fans are asking Audrey directly if she and Tori are planning out their pregnancies together.

“Are you and Tori planning these on purpose?!” one fan asked on Audrey’s Instagram announcement. According to Audrey, the timing is purely coincidental, however, as she commented back, “haha nope just blessed to be going through the same seasons of life together. also, anyone who’s tried to get pregnant knows it’s not that simple to plan for [sic].” And others have also come to Audrey’s defense after she received a few unsavory comments about the timing of her pregnancy. “I’ve been seeing stupid comments like ‘she’s stealing Tori’s shine.’ First of all grow up! Second, getting pregnant isn’t easy! Lol takes months of trying!” another added.

We can’t wait to keep up with all the Roloffs as their pregnancies progress. Congrats to both Tori and Audrey!

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