Lola breaks down over looming death as Ben's action causes agony in EastEnders

Lola breaks down over looming death as Ben's action causes agony in EastEnders

Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) have been going through an extremely difficult time in EastEnders, after learning that nothing more could be done to prevent her brain tumour from spreading.

After scans revealed that her palliative chemotherapy hadn’t worked, doctors broke the devastating news that she would only have weeks left to live, much to the horror of Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden), who refused to accept the prognosis.

While Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) set about bringing Lola home and creating memories in her final days, Ben made it his mission to find a way of prolonging her life so that she could attend daughter Lexi’s (Isabella Brown) taster day at high school.

As Lola enjoyed Ladies Day in the comfort of her front room, Lexi revealed to Ben that she had brought a leaflet about the taster day home from school so that Lola could read it.

She explained that she knew Lola may not live long enough to go to the taster day, but she still wanted her to feel involved.

However, this sent Ben spiralling, accusing Jay and Lola of putting ideas about Lola’s death into Lexi’s head.

Outside, Ben tore into Jay, Billy (Perry Fenwick) and mum Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth), calling them cowards and accusing them of giving up on Lola.

While Jay argued that he was trying to make Lola’s final days happy and memorable, Ben explained that that was the issue, as he had already accepted that they were Lola’s final days.

He said that instead of accepting it, he had been researching a trial in America which could give Lola another six months.

Though Dr Washington had explained that Lola would be unlikely to survive the flight, Ben argued that he would have the plane kitted out with everything she needed, regardless of the cost.

Ignoring the doctor’s advice, he agreed to fly out to America and meet with a specialist to talk about the treatment options.

Horrified, Kathy and Callum Highway (Tony Clay) tried to put a stop to it, with Kathy opening up about losing Lou Beale.

She explained that Lou knew that it was her time to go and had accepted it, which was how Lola felt now.

She asked him if he was really doing this for her, or just to make himself feel better.

Later, it became clear that she hadn’t managed to get through to him, as he askedCallum for his support as he headed state side to meet with the specialist.

He explained that he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if Lola died and he hadn’t tried absolutely everything, and Callum agreed to support him no matter what.

As Ben rushed to catch his flight, across the Square Lexi sat with her mum in bed, reading through the taster day leaflet.

As Lexi revealed that there would be a question and answer session for parents, Lola became emotional.

The mother and daughter sat quietly together, holding hands as Lola broke down.

Will Ben’s trip be successful, or has he seen Lola for the final time?

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